Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day 2013 9 PM Hour

First Lady Michelle Obama's dress is revealed and the panel and Alina Cho discuss the details with Anderson:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast
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Anonymous said...

Great coverage of Anderson all day! I hope you don't mind if I put a few comments about earlier posts here.

I loved the photo in the 11 AM post showing Anderson and a few CNN political contributors with blankets. It looked like a bizarre middle-aged slumber party. Regarding the weather, around 6:30 PM I checked the temperatures: it was -5 below here and a balmy 47 in DC. So who really needs that blanket?

I hated Alina Cho's interview with Tim Gunn in the 1 PM post. I love Tim Gunn but he barely got any time to talk.

The little oops in the first video clip in the 2 PM post (near the 4:00 mark), Anderson just wasn't ready yet. Even at 2 PM it was already a long day for him.
In the second video I was surprised to see Jack Schlossberg talking to Anderson. It always seemed like Caroline's children were kept out of the spotlight so it was interesting to hear him. Just wish Jack had some more time, besides being so good-looking, he was very well-spoken.

I did watch quite a bit of the 8 PM broadcast, lots of musicians I never heard of but it was fun and entertaining and a nice change from hearing a political panel.


aries moon said...

I was watching CNN on the iphone last night and put it in my pocket right at the moment when Van Jones apparently said something about the First Lady's red gown that sent the panel into an uproar--I don't know what he said exactly, but on one of the clips posted you hear Anderson sarcastically asking Van if he has anything else he wants to say about the First Lady's dress.

I agree with Jaanza about Jack Schlossberg, it was surprising to see him and I kept thinking about JFK Jr. as he was talking.

Thank you for bringing us all of the clips/videos/info of CNN's Inauguration coverage.

Anonymous said...

@ Jaanza and Aries Moon, I enjoyed seeing Jack Schlossberg during the inauguration coverage. I liked Anderson's introduction of him being "younger" - it was nice to hear a young person's point of view. Something woefully missing from most CNN panels.

It was later in the evening, I believe during the special AC360 at 10PM, that Van Jones and Alex were discussing President Obama's speech and disagreeing and Van told Alex that more than a Republican/Democrat disagreement it was a generational problem. Unfortunately, I don't think many in Congress and most political pundits understand that the country is changing and the "youth" for lack of a better word, are more engaged and interested in more than taxes and deficit reduction.

I think that there's a chance that a lot of the pundits may be falling all over themselves for saying that President Obama won't be able to accomplish any of what he set out in his inaugural address. I saw the man I voted for in 2008 and again in 2012; a man re-energized from the campaign, that understands the heartbeat of American vs the petty childishness of many in Congress. I saw a leader who was calling each and everyone to action. It will be interesting to watch the next year or two play out and see if now that in the words of JFK - 'the torch has been passed to a new generation' if that generation steps up and takes action.

Alina Cho annoys me to no end. When Anderson thanked her for her "investigative" journalism regarding Michelle Obama's inaugural ball gown, I rolled my eyes and could only imagine Jon Stewart and the writers at The Daily Show doing the same!