Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anderson Live Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Anderson's guest co-host for the day was Deborah Tillman.   Enjoy the 'First 15' ~

There was more after the break ~

GUEST/TOPIC SEGMENTS: Family In Crisis: America's Supernanny To The Rescue;  “American Horror Story: Asylum” star Sarah Paulson


Part of the following clip made it into today's show, but much did not.  The producers edited out a pretty mean (Anderson called it a "low blow") comment by Terence and the audience's rather negative reaction.  So if you  wondered the reason behind Anderson's rather joking "your fired" remark to Terence in today's show, the following clip will explain it.   Did Terence cross a line?  What do you think?

Per reader request, the Lawrence Wright segment from yesterday ~

From the 'Anderson Live' photo booth ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The first 15 minutes were good as was te interview with Sarah Paulson, but I had to fast forward through the segment with the awful bratty kids. I had no desire to see that and I thought it was a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I watched the clip of Anderson and Terence sniping at each other which made me wonder a few things: So this show wasn't really "live"? Does this sniping mean there is a lot more tension between these two than is seen on the show? And it's a darn shame I won't be able to see a show live or taping because obviously the audience sees something the home viewer does not. Why else would they applaud after Anderson told Terence, "You're fired."???


aries moon said...

Although I generally like when Anderson and Terence have their little disagreements on the show, it was in poor taste for Terence to make that remark about Anderson's family and AC seemed genuinely peeved about it--maybe the shows impending end is fraying both their nerves now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the segment with Lawrence Wright. :) It's always good to see someone not letting this cult intimidate him. It's interesting to see Anderson sometimes featuring a topic on both of his shows.

Sarah Paulson was adorable and funny.

I thought Terence's Vanderbilt comment was in really bad taste. Sometimes the guy is like a bull in a china shop. It wasn't even funny or witty, just mean towards someone who has made a point of not using his family name (or rather the name of that part of his heritage that is mom already kind of disassociated from) to further his career and who made a name for himself by working very hard and putting his life on the line.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza - some shows are live, some aren't. When the season started it was Live Monday thru Thursday and Friday's were pre-taped. Then for October sweeps it was live five days with some segments being taped on different days to accommodate guests. After the non-renewal was announced and October sweeps were over, it was back to four days and since January, it's been down to three days a week with two shows being taped most days. It's easy to figure out by looking at the ticket calendar on the talk show web site.

It seemed for January, tapings were on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - with Monday and Wednesday's shows pretaped (and some segments of live shows pre-taped.) However, it seems that in February - the "three days" are different for each week posted. Not sure if that's to accommodate guests or if Anderson will be traveling/our of town some, or what.

The non-renewal notices said Anderson Live would complete the season, but the tweet from the warm up comedian earlier this week said tapings will end the end of March. Not sure what that means for April and May - shows up to two months old and still "Live" in the title or what.

I have a feeling the studio audience sees a lot of things we don't see, but that's the idea/fun of attending a taping; unfortunately, many aren't able.

I'm not sure what's going on with Terence, but I watch other talk shows sometimes (one regularly) and none seem to have a producer "mic-ed" and rarely, if ever do they interject themselves into the program. Last season we didn't see or hear Terence, not sure why we need to this season. Terence seems quite unprofessional and it's not helping the talk show or Anderson professionally from what I see.