Friday, February 01, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, February 1, 2013

BREAKING NEWS,  PROTESTERS ATTACK EGYPT'S PRESIDENTIAL PALACE,  Fire broke out at entrance after Molotov cocktails were thrown:  Anderson Cooper and Ben Wedeman reporting

ALABAMA HOSTAGE STANDOFF, Day 4, Gunman holding 5-year-old boy hostage in underground bunker:  Anderson with Victor Blackwell reporting from Midland City, Alabama  
Follow-up with Joshua Tucker (area resident) and Byron Sage, Fmr. FBI hostage negotiator

BREAKING NEWS, NEW INFORMATION ON SUICIDE ATTACK ON U.S. EMBASSY IN TURKEY, One guard killed, others wounded:  Anderson talks to Fran Townsend & Bob Baer

THE HOAX:  Anderson Cooper reporting
MANTI TE'O HOAXER SPEAKS OUT, Tuiasosopo says he was in love with the Notre Dame football star:  Anderson follows up with Timothy Burke, Editor, (who broke the story)

NEW ORLEANS' REBIRTH, Woman overcomes personal tragedy to return home:  Report by Gary Tuchman and follow up with Anderson

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST:  Larry King, Ladies Man


AC360/CNN tweeted about a 'Google Hangout' with Anderson, Jeff Toobin and Dr. Sanjay Gupta as a follow-up to last night's Town Hall special on the guns.  Viewers could submit questions via a website and then Jack Gray moderated the "hangout"; which we believe occurred between tapings of 'Anderson Live' today.  (That would explain why Jack was in Anderson's CNN office and Anderson wasn't! )   Jeff Toobin brought up an interesting point about the 2nd Amendment, the "right to bear arms" and the confusion that has resulted since a rather recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.  He made a similar point during the town hall last night, but it seemed to fall on the deaf ears of the NRA folks and several other gun rights advocates.  Sanjay had some interesting information on mental health issues vs. socially reclusive people who are not mentally ill.  For those that missed the 'Google Hangout' ~

And another picture from last night's Town Hall posted to the AC360 Facebook page ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I love that screengrab of Anderson, a very snarky expression.

The line-up of stories confused me. The report and panel about the U.S Embassy in Ankara, Turkey should have been first, not third following reports on Egyptian riots and the Alabama hostage situation. Nonetheless, Ben Wedeman was very good; it was interesting to hear about the Egyptian police force, Wedeman, "...their heart is not in it."
The segment on Turkey was good. Anderson did point out that the building hit by the suicide bomber was a gatehouse and not the actual Embassy building. What was needed was the map Tom Foreman showed during Blitzer's show, showing where the bomb went off in relation to the Embassy building.

The Manti Te'O hoax guy segment was channel surfing time.

Gary Tuchman's report on New Orleans and Denise Herbert was great, just the right balance of the city in general and Ms. herbert in particular. The only thing I would have changed is adding a picture of the Superdome roof now - new, nice and polished up - instead of only photos of how it looked right after Katrina.

The best thing about the Ridiculist was Anderson's Larry King impression at the end.


Anonymous said...

Bill Maher had a rather interesting show this week with a gun blogger who took no sides in the gun dilema.
He said that the Supreme Court sided with the NRA claiming Second Amendment Rights very recently, and this could be used as a precident going forward.
But who packed the Supreme Court with pro-gun appointees?
Why none other than George W. Bush?
Every problem we seem to have, points directly to the same source.
Is there no end to the trouble W.
has caused this country?
Whether it is fiscal, diplomatic, or social, George W. Bush has left a far reaching footprint that cannot be erased no matter how hard we try, and the Republican Party knows it all too well.
What a disgrace. THAT is HIS LEGACY.

Anonymous said...

Garrr, my comment just disappeared so just a short version:

Really liked the segements on Ankara and Egypt because I had missed the up-to-date international stories in recent weeks. The reporting on the hostage stituation and New Orleans was good as well.

Te'O is hopefully done now.

And I just love when Anderson does his Larry King voice. XD