Monday, February 04, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 2/4/13 from Stockholm

ALABAMA CHILD RESCUED, KIDNAPPER DEAD: Anderson Cooper and Martin Savidge reporting
• Follow up with Harri Anne Smith, Alabama St. Senator, Pastor Michael Senn and Chris Voss, former FBI negotiator
•Follow up interview with Katie Beers who was kidnapped as a child and held underground and also talked with Dr. Louis Krass, child psychiatrist

SEN. MENENDEZ SPEAKS OUT: Dana Bash reporting

'AMERICA'S DEADLIEST SNIPER KILLED': Ed Lavandera reporting Texas

SNIPER HERO REMEMBERED: AC speaks with Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL




 Tonight's AC360 originated from Channel 4 in Stockholm. Anderson tweeted that he was working there this weekend and a few people at the station tweeted this evening that he was broadcasting from their studios. 
Here's another instagram from the studio:


And an article that was posted online at EXPRESSEN.SE.  It loosely translates as:

Star journalist Anderson Cooper, 45, is in Stockholm - and in TV4.
- It's really exciting for us, says Mia Lindqvist, program director for the New Company.
Around midnight tweeted Lindqvist:
World coolest thing may be happening in # TV4News tonight. "
When talking with Mia Lindqvist she explains what it is about:
- Anderson Cooper is on location in Stockholm to record "Anderson Cooper 360 ° " , she says.
- Now they have trouble with their technology and has been in touch with us to broadcast from our studio, it becomes live, says Lindqvist.

"Really exciting"

And the program manager says that it is "a bit messy" right now, but notes:
- It's really exciting for us.
Anderson Cooper is one of the world's best known television journalists. Since 2001 he has been a news anchor on CNN and in almost ten years, he has had his own program, where he reported from around the world.

"Heard about it"

Earlier this week, Anderson Cooper wrote on Twitter that he "is in Stockholm."
The reason for this is that the program may be about Stockholm syndrome, which arose after Norrmalmstorg drama when the hostage took gisslantagarnas party, which could have been done with the year-old boy who was held hostage in Alabama for six days.
- I heard something about it, says Mia Lindqvist.
CNN writes on his site that Monday's "Anderson Cooper 360 ° " will address the hostage crisis in Alabama and will be about the hostages' s preparations and his bunker.
The program is broadcast in CNN, starting 02:00.

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Anonymous said...

Why did Anderson need to go to Stockholm?
For ratings on more gun violence.
I'm no fan of Chris Wallace, but he really put Wayne La Pierre, CEO of the NRA in the hot seat Sunday.
La Pierre no doubt thought that it would be a 'soft interview' because it was Fox News.
Surprisingly it wasn't and I certainly give Wallace credit for saying that the NRA is just putting ridiculous statements out to justify their position on No background checks.
This well documented clip is now on TVN.
Perhaps Anderson would gain some of his lost credibility back if he too, pounced on Wayne La Pierre, or those like him, instead of running off to Stockholm.
Wallace didn't just ask him soft questions, like AC does with his pundits and guests.
No Soft interview here and no fluff either.
He really dug his heals into him.
Good for Chris Wallace for not letting La Pierre think he was a push over.
At least we knew after the interview, Chris Wallace might be a gun owner, in favor of gun control at any cost.

Anonymous said...

It's great the little boy in Alabama was rescued and is back with his family but I thought Anderson spent too much time on this story. Not a lot of facts were known and so time was filled with generalities and peripheral information. As if to further demonstrate that Monday was a slow news day, Anderson spent the second segment on this same topic, talking to child kidnapping victim Beers and a psychologist. The most interesting part was Beers saying privacy was very important, to recover without a lot of media attention and this was the first time she spoke publicly about her ordeal. Hopefully Anderson will think twice before bothering the family with cameras and microphones.

The other news stories were okay.

Anderson was definitely having an "off" night, didn't have all his cylinders fired up. There were frequent pauses and, especially in the second half, he just sounded so bored. Was it jet lag? Cold medicine sleepiness? That lethargic Swedish air?


The ATA Team said...

@Jaanza, I think the pauses were a satellite issue more than jet lag. According to people at Channel 4 CNN was having a ton of technical issues tonight.

@anonymous 12:31, Anderson is working on a story, presumably for 60 Minutes, in Stockholm and from what we're hearing it's about Afghan refugees. Why would you think he was in Stockholm for ‘ ratings on more gun violence’? Oh wait I get it, you were trying to do a clever segue so you could tell us about Chris Wallace’s interview on gun violence? Maybe you need to start an ‘All Things Chris Wallace’ or Bill Maher or Jon Stewart or whomever else like to compare Anderson to blog and save your musings for there. We’re sort of over you here.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza When Anderson was anchoring AC360 in Stockholm it was 2am local time. He has been in Stockholm this weekend for work, which is typically 60 Minutes when it's over a weekend and not travel to a breaking news story for CNN.

Apparently he had different arrangements for anchoring the show from Stockholm and then had technical difficulties so they called to local News Channel 04 for assistance and to use their studios pretty last minute. Some on the Channel 04 staff were tweeting about it and all apparently let out a big cheer when the show ended, including Andersn. I'm guessing all were working under pretty stressful conditions - Anderson working with a team he didn't know and the local team working with an anchor they didn't know in addition to control rooms in Atlanta and NYC. Kuddos that they pulled off AC360 with Anderson as anchor instead of calling in a sub at the last minute. Frankly, if I were him, after working all day on another shoot and having difficulties sometime between midnight and 2am - I probably would have said call in a sub!

I found the mix of stories pretty interesting given the news cycle of the day.

The Navy Seal sniper getting shot and killed is such a sad story. I think it was appropriate for him to be remembered tonight/at this point, but I'd love to hear the NRA respond to this shooting because their more guns make us safer just wasn't true in this case.

Kudos to Anderson for pulling off AC360 under less than preferred conditions.


aries moon said...

I'm surprised to hear of all the technical issues, the show seemed to run fairly smoothly and the story selection was interesting throughout--AC was able to communicate fine with his live in-studio guests and the delays weren't as interminable as they could've been. I expected more trouble technically than was actually.

Thank you for posting/translating the Swedish article--I saw it earlier but had some trouble trying to find a way to translate it.

Anonymous said...

"@anonymous 12:31, ... We’re sort of over you here."

Aw, c'mon -- how could you be over someone who speaks of digging heals in? Endlessly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Anon, once again one of your claims and predictions that won't come true. Where did you get the idea he is in Stockholm regarding gun violence? Sounds just like one of his regular weekend assignments for 60 Minutes. Anderson is not a gun-control activist who is somehow required to drop everything he is doing now and push that agenda 24/7. It's getting ridiulous. I hope you watched Piers tonight. His brand of "journalism" is definitely more up your alley.

Anyway, thank you so much for clarifying that Anderson was not at the CNN studios! I missed the first two minutes and when I tuned in my first thought was that he must still be in Sweden and that the whole thing looked a bit improvised. The lighting was different and they had this delay for the whole show, you could even an echo from his ear piece for the fist half an hour.

But I can imagine that was really exciting for the crew of the local channel in Stockholm. Considering the circumstances they did a great job. :)

And I second Jenn, it was in the middle of the night in Europe and he had probably worked throughout the weekend so naturally he would be a bit tired. Congrats to everyone for pulling this off.

I found the show overall quite interesting, the only complaint I have was that they spend some minutes talking about the Super Bowl power outage when they could have talked more about Malala but anyway.
Personally I didn't like that the story about the sniper was so uncritical but I also undestand that for an American news show it would have been almost impossible to bring up the NRA (the more guns the better, blabla) without this causing an uproar because the guy is considered a "hero". And then there is that little issue that the war he killed all those "insurgents" in was an illegal war and.. yeah, lets better not get into this. This is something a European news ancor could talk about more freely and I undestand why they didn't.

Pity there was no ridiculist but overall I find it commendable they pulled this off.