Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Rome Wednesday 3/13/13

MEET POPE FRANCIS: Anderson's overview of the new Pope

WORLD MEETS POPE FRANCIS:  Anderson is joined by Father Thomas Rosica, John Allen and Dr. Sanjay Gupta (by phone)

THE FIRST POPE FRANCIS: Tom Foreman reporting

WILL POPE FRANCIS MAKE MAJOR CHANGES? John Allen, Rev. Albert Cutie and Ashley McGuire (senior fellow The Catholic Association)

FRONT ROW SEATS TO HISTORY: Miguel Marquez reporting


POPE FRANCIS, WHAT NOW? John Allen and Father Edward Beck discuss




Lots of crowd pictures with Anderson today in Rome:

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Anonymous said...

Anderson did such a great job reporting all day. I also am starting to like Chris Cuomo. They make a good team.

Anonymous said...

Oddly, my non-Catholic DH predicted it would be Cardinal Bergoglio. Yesterday he was on a British website that let you pick your own Pope. He selected his criteria from their list and Bergoglio was the answer. Bergoglio was a long-shot so I was surprised by the number of Argentinian flags in the crowd.

It was a good 360. Everybody Anderson talked to was excited and hopeful about Pope Francis. My favorite interviews were with Ashley McGuire (about time Anderson interviewed a woman about the church) and the two teenagers interning at the Vatican; they were cute kids with great timing - being at the Vatican at this time.

Although I'm not much into the Catholic church anymore, I wish Pope Francis good health and success.

For the sake of Anderson and his entire crew, it would have been awesome for the conclave to last a few days longer. They've been to desolate areas of Africa, buggy jungles of Brazil and riotous squares of Cairo. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities of the world - art and culture, Lamborghinis, Sophia-Loren-lookalikes, pizza and gelato.

Anderson looks great in that first screengrab and thanks for all the Twitter pics.


aries moon said...

A lot of talk about Pope Francis being a reformer and a lot of talk about how things aren't likely to change given his history. Seeing St. Peter's Square in person must be pretty awe-inspiring because it looks amazing even on TV.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I got bored with the coverage very quickly because I am just not interested in this circus and the only reason I bother to inform myself about it at all is that the pope and church has such a big influence on the well-being of millions of people depending on their policy on condoms, sexuality etc.

The coverage was really good though and I loved the interview with the two interns.

Looks like the crew had a good time and Anderson can now relax and be back in time for the GLAAD Awards. :)