Thursday, April 04, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 4/4/2013

NORTH KOREA AMPS UP CRISIS:  Anderson Cooper and Kyung Lah reporting
THREAT ASSESSMENT, NORTH KOREA:  Tom Foreman and General 'Spider' Marks
NORTH KOREA AT THE BRINK?:  Anderson's follow up with Christiane Amanpour and Fran Townsend

TWO MEN SOUGHT IN CONNECTION WITH TOM CLEMENTS' DEATH:  Anderson Cooper and Martin Savidge report

FAMILY REMEMBERS TOM CLEMENTS:  Anderson's interview with Clements' wife and two daughters

REMEMBERING ROGER EBERT:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up interview with Richard Roeper



Anderson signed off with the following, concerning tomorrow (Friday) night's AC360 ~

AC360 posted a little "Behind The Scenes" interview with Anderson and Jack Gray about the Conrad Murray interview ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

360 had a very good look at North Korea and the saber-rattling going on. It's great seeing Kyung Lah reporting from South Korea and hearing her perspective. Christiane Amanpour was better than Fran Townsend in the panel. Amanpour had a better answer about why Kim Jong Un is doing this and she also brought up Dennis Rodman, "You may laugh...but he's the only one who's been able to talk to this leader." Overall I liked best the Haas comment from yesterday, "He's doing this for attention."

Anderson's interview with Clement's widow and daughters was sad. And slow. 360 nearly came to a standstill in this segment.

The report on the Texas DA murder and suspects should have come next. It just would have felt better to have the Colorado and the Texas cases paired together instead of sandwiching the Ebert segment between them

The Ebert segment was very good. Great seeing that very early clip with Siskel and the interview with Richard Roeper. Totally sympatico with Anderson when he reminicsed on how entertaining the Siskel and Ebert show was. Ebert's books are awesome. I strongly recommend 'A Kiss is Just a Kiss', 'I Hated Hated Hated This Movie', 'Your Movie Sucks' and the movie glossaries done with Siskel.

The Ridiculist was pretty good. There are better videos demonstrating a goat yelling like a human and they should have had a few more of those. The clip of the woman being shoved by a goat didn't fit in.

Thanks for the Jack Gray video, a little insight about the Dr. Murray interview and finding out Anderson was just as confused about him singing as I was.

Anonymous said...

Again the segments on North Korea were really interesting. Especially the military tactics bit, simply because you would rarely get to see something like that on European news.

The interview with Tom Clements' family was very moving and Anderson was very sensitive. The mom is really admirable and I like that they give the families/friends of victims a voice on the show.

Personally I think there can never be enough goats on the ridiculits. XD

So if I got that right AC360 will be a re-airing today? I assume that is because Anderson is guest at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. Looking forward to that!

Jaanza said...

@Trampadoo - I thought that Anderson said 360 would be re-airing his "60 Minutes" segment with the North Korean concentration camp escapee. I took that to mean it was only this segment repeated but the rest of 360 would be new. That's my guess.

And 360 should be new; there's enough going on to warrant a new show.