Friday, May 10, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday 05/10/2013


The format for tonight's special was a town hall.  Anderson's opening ~

*John Walsh (on stage with Anderson for the entire program)
*Tonia Adkins, Sister of Christy Adkins/Vanished in 1995
*Mary Adkins, Stepmother of Christy Adkins/Vanished in 1995
*Linda Summers, Step-granddaughter Ashley Summers/Vanished in 2007 (from audience)
*Goldia Coldon, Mother of Phoenix Coldon/Vanished in 2011
*Lawrence Coldon, Father of  Phoenix Coldon/Vanished in 2011
*Patty Wetterling, Mother of Jacob Wetterling/Vanished in 1989
*Colleen Nick, Mother of Morgan Nick/Vanished in 1995 (from audience)
*Kris Mohandie, Forensic Psychologist (from audience)
*Katie Beers, Kidnapping Survivor
*Lisa Campbell, Actions led to rescue of kidnapping victim
*Allison Jacobs, Actions led to rescue of kidnapping victim
*Amber Deahn, Actions led to rescue of kidnapping victim


Photos from this afternoon's taping of tonight's special:
From John Walsh's Facebook page ~

From Officer Rally Jacob's on Instagram ~

And Anderson with Katie Beers who was part of the special from Twitter ~

From AC360's Instagram ~

From TV Newser today ~
Jeff Zucker on How Quickly CNN Can Be No. 1: ‘Come Back to Me in Three Years’

This is not to say the traditional anchor-led programs will be going away. Zucker cited “New Day,” “The Lead,” “The Situation Room” and “AC360″ as some of CNN’s signature programs, although that doesn’t mean they can’t change. “AC360″ tested out a new panel format a few weeks ago, which Zucker champions. 

“We were very pleased with that program, very pleased,” Zucker said, adding that the 8 PM edition of “AC360″ won’t be changing.  (Please click on link for the full article. )

AC360 Transcript
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aries moon said...

I hope Zucker's comments about the 360 panel show means that it might be coming back.

Anonymous said...

It definitely grabbed your attention for the whole hour and was tastefully done. Actually CNN ought to consider doing this on a regular basis, like, once per month or so? Unless this kind of thing only works when a big abduction story is in the news. Who knows.

I'm pleased to hear that they were really happy with the panel show experiment. It sounds like they are thinking about making it a regular thing sometimes in the future.

Not sure what to think about Zucker's plans. I guess he is right when he says that news channels and demand have evolved and there is probably no turning back from those developements. It does make sense that they would focus on producing original content, regular shows, documentaries etc., that people can be looking forward to throughout the week.

While they are at it, bring back the science department, damnit! Why not produce a couple of shows that focus on science along with plans for more docs about nature and animals?

Then make sure people choose CNN when it comes to breaking news coverage and concentrate on proven, popular and successful formats like AC360, make your best shine and it sounds like a good concept. Right now it's a lot of mediocrity and a couple of "bright stars" so why not polish the best you have to perfection?

Fox News and MSNBC can do the yelling and biased opinion news and CNN needs to provide the serious, neutral contrast combined with high quality original content. And if there's to be a panel news show it needs to be the best of the best as well. They certainly do have the right people and connection available.

Unknown said...

It has been a little over 5 months since we were allowed to appear on the show to raise awareness about our daughter, Phoenix Coldon. We appreciate Mr. Cooper so very much. Lawrence and I hope that Mr. Cooper will allow us to come back with our daughter so that people will be able to see her and hear from her. You see, we believe that our daughter is alive. We believe in the power of prayer, and we're asking that everyone who sees this will join us in praying for Phoenix. The prayer is as follows: Lord, keep your angels of protection around Phoenix.Stay in her head, her heart, and every molecule of her body so that she will know that she is never alone. Let Phoenix think happy thoughts, God. Send your fiercest and bravest warrior angels to bring Phoenix home away from the evil one(s)safe and sound of mind and body so that they will know who the real Master is. We know You hear our prayers; we wait as patiently as our human flesh will allow for You to answer our prayers and let Phoenix come home safe. I hope you will see fit to post this as I believe it will take lots of prayers to go up for Phoenix. Thanks again to Mr. Cooper and all of this staff. This is Goldia Coldon aka Phoenix's Mom.

Loretta Leong said...

A wonderful piece, highlighting missing young woman Phoenix Coldon. Her Mom & Dad are so brave, so full of love for their daughter. Mr. Cooper, your show should feature these families on a regular basis, to hlep get the message out to your very large audience. Phoenix's family are hurting so deeply yet they present the story so elegantly & well spoken... Please feature more on this family.