Friday, May 03, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 05/03/2013

SOURCES, U.S. BELIEVES ISRAEL CONDUCTED AN AIRSTRIKE ON SYRIA, Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon:  Anderson Cooper with Barbara Starr

RAGING WILDFIRES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 4,000 homes threatened in Ventura County:  Anderson Cooper and Kyung Lah  reporting
RAGING WILDFIRES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Riverside County fire covers nearly 3,000 acres:  Anderson Cooper talks to Alan Simmons, Documentary filmmaker

NEW CLUES IN BOSTON BOMBINGS INVESTIGATION, Source, Explosive residue found in Tamerlan Tsarnaev's apartment:  Deborah Feyerick and Erin McPike reporting

EX-ROOMMATE OF MISSING WOMAN SPEAKS OUT, "She was far from homeless":  Anderson's telephone interview with Sondra Forrester (knew Brenda Heist as 'Lovie')
MISSING MOM TURNS UP AFTER 11 YEARS, Detective, Heist may have stolen a child's identity:  Anderson's follow up with John Schofield (Lititz Borough Police Detective by phone), Mark Geragos and

DEATH CERTIFICATE, Bombing suspect #1 died of gunshot wounds, blunt trauma to head, torso:  Deborah Feyerick reporting and Anderson discusses with Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Promotion of Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown"


The 10PM ET hour was a special on the Jodi Arias trial with Randi Kaye reporting.


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aries moon said...

Looks like Chris Cuomo is having a big Amanda Knox special on Tuesday at 10 pm, so there's one sign that the special 360 won't be back, at least for that night perhaps. Deadline had some doom and gloom ratings news about 360SE, but it seemed to me that it did a lot better than Get to the Point and the ratings were comparable to or slightly better than the 360 repeat usually gets and there's been good viewer feedback on it. The show was so on the down low promotion wise it didn't seem as if they really wanted much attention for it. Meanwhile, AC360 has been doing much better at 8pm lately, beating Chris Haye's MSNBC show for a few days, no one's going to touch O'Reilly and HLN is trial central and always does well, but 360's still been quietly gaining in viewers/demos.

Thank you for the really nice pics of AC in this post.

Anonymous said...

They way I understood it was an experiment and even if they concluded this was a good format that might become a regular at some point it was not going to happen right away.
It it obviously a success ratings-wise if it had the same or even slightly better ratings than the 10 PM AC360 repeat and like you mentioned, the viewer reactions were pretty positive. I saw the Deadline article and could only shake my head. They pretty much made up a negative point of view even though that couldn't be further away from the truth. Kind of annoying.

Anyway, I doubt anything else they try will get even close to the ratings they had with this show on a regular basis. Zucker needs to accept that Anderson is his golden boy, get on his knees and present him with a nice, new contract in fall, mwahahaha!

Jaanza said...

It was a pretty good 360 last night, a good variety of stories all presented well. I can't remember if Anderson or any reporter stated a cause for the California wildfires (other than extremely dry conditions); there was an article on the internet claiming a discarded cigarette started the flames but I haven't seen or heard that anywhere else.

I appreciated getting some of my questions answered about Tamarlan Tsarnaev's body. Wonder if the family will announce when the funeral will be or it will all be kept very quiet and out of the public eye.

The best part of the show was the discussion between Dr. Drew and Mark Geragos about the newly-found-once-missing Pennsylvania woman I'd listen to these two guys discuss all kinds of things - Katherine Russell, Lindsey Lohan, frozen pizza, etc.

The Bourdain promotion seemed to surprise Anderson; he announced the Ridiculist was coming up but then's a promo for Bourdain. The promo would have worked better if it was a clip from the upcoming Canadaian show but instead it was a clip of Anderson and Bourdain eating and chatting that we've seen before. So I didn't really pay attention.

Echoing Aries Moon, the photos in todays post were fantastic.

I hope 360 Special Edition comes back in some way or another. The idea of a roundtable discussion of important news stories is a good one and certainly deserves another shot. 360 SE was a better try than The Point but maybe it needs to stick around for a while to build an audience. I would certainly rather watch Anderson moderate a news discussion show rather than Chris Cuomo analyzing Amanda Knox for an hour. I don't know anyone who's interested in the Knox story.

aries moon said...

After seeing the full photo of AC at the MacBeth event on another site, I now know why he looks like he's positively glowing. :)

Anonymous said...

Weird, I posted links to the photos of Anderson and Ben here some 12 hours ago and the comment was not approved. Is it not allowed to post links or did I do something else wrong? Just asking for future reference in case I want to "alert" you to some pictures.

The ATA Team said...

@trampadoo, If you read the rules posted on this comment page you will see that links are not permitted in ATA's comments without previous approval of the moderator.

Anonymous said...

Aaah, I see. So I just mention the page where I found the pictures or send you and e-mail with the links?