Friday, May 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 05/17/2013

TORNADO TOUCHES DOWN IN NORTHERN ALABAMA, Strong winds knock down trees and power lines in Athens:  Anderson Cooper and Chad Myers reporting

DEADLY TORNADO OUTBREAK, Everyone reported missing in Texas is now accounted for:  Anderson talks to Randi Kaye who is in Granbury, Texas

INSIDE THE RESCUE OF MISSING CLEVELAND WOMEN, Police officers who broke into house tell their stories:  Video from City of Cleveland's website played & Anderson's follow up discussion with Scott Taylor, WOIO Investigative Reporter

PITTSBURGH DOCTOR POISONED WITH CYANIDE, Reports - FBI has joined investigation:  Report by Martin Savidge


RESCUED - JESSICA BUCHANAN'S KIDNAP ORDEAL, Abducted in Somalia, held for 93 days, rescued by U.S. Navy SEALS:  Anderson's interview with Jessica Buchanan and her husband Erick Landemalm

LIBYA'S TASTE OF FREEDOM, Bourdain - the most difficult show I've ever done:  More of the video of Anderson's lunch with Bourdain was played


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1 comment:

Jaanza said...

On the CNN website politics is still in the news but I'm okay with not seeing it on 360 if the reporting or the panels are going to be slanted.

Three things about the tornadoes report:
- Chad Meyers said we're experienciing "a drought of tornadoes"; Is that such a bad thing? Could it be an offspring of climate change?
- Randi Kaye said the seven people missing earlier have all been found but she didn't say found how. Alive? Dead?
- My favorite bit was seeing jerry re-united with his dog Junior, that was so gosh darn cute.

The segment on the three formerly kidnapped Cleveland women was very good. It was great to have such a long video clip of the cops telling their account of the rescues.

I wasn't interested in the story of the cyanide poisoning of the Pittsburgh doctor; it was just a local crime story.

It's great jessica Buchanan is home, safe and sound but I saw her being interviewed twice earlier in the week.

Is the Anthony Bourdain promo going to be a weekly thing? The Ridiculist was worth it just to hear Anderson say "What happens when the baby drops a deuce?"