Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Moore, OK, Wednesday 05/22/2013

Anderson Cooper was live on location in tornado ravaged Moore, Oklahoma for both the 8 PM and 10 PM hours of AC360.

8:00PM ET Hour:
*Anderson reported on the "Act of Terrorism" (deadly meat cleaver attack) in London and spoke with Nic Robertson who is in London
*Anderson remembered some of the victims of the Moore tornado ~

*Anderson's interview with Joy Waldroop who was injured and lost her daughter in the tornado ~

*John King toured the ruins of the Plaza Towers Elementary School with and spoke to Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department then had a follow up discussion with Anderson
*Anderson spoke with Shelley Jaques-McMillin, the principal of Briarwood Elementary School which was also destroyed
*Anderson spoke with Susan Candiotti about Tamarlan Tsarnaev being implicated in a triple murder that took place in 2011 and an acquaintance of his who was killed by FBI in self-defense today in Florida
*Anderson spoke with Nic Robertson and Christiane Amanpour for more about the attack in London today
*An iReport video filmed by Juan Olivo of a rescue in Moore, OK was played
*Anderson spoke with Annette Brown and Gina Janzen, 2nd grade teachers at Briarwood Elementary ~

*Gary Tuchman reported on the "Comfort Dogs" visiting Moore, OK and had a follow up discussion with Anderson ~

New topics/guests in the 10:00PM ET Hour:
*Anderson spoke with Supt. Susan Price, Moore Public Schools
*Anderson's interview with Toby Keith, Country Singer ~

*Anderson's interview with Jerrie Bhonde, Wife of Hement Bhonde. Jerrie was injured and lost her husband in the tornado ~

*Anderson reported that President Obama will travel to Oklahoma on Sunday for a first hand look at the damage and recovery effort.
*Anderson's interview with Tim Hetzner, a handler for Lutheran Church Charities"Comfort Dog" program ~

*Isha Sesay was in with a 360 News & Business Bulletin

Some photos of Anderson posted to Instagram from various CNN staff and crew ~


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