Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Moore, OK, Thursday 05/23/2013

Anderson Cooper was live on location in tornado ravaged Moore, Oklahoma for both the 8 PM and 10 PM hours of AC360.

8:00PM ET Hour:
*Anderson, Ted Rowlands, Ashleigh Banfield, Mark Geragos, Jose Baez and  Sunny Hostin discussed the jury being unable to agree on sentencing in the Arias trial
*Remembering the victims ~

*Anderson took a tour of the Briarwood School site with Robin Dziedzic, a teacher who shot video during and in the immediate aftermath of the tornado ~

*Anderson talked to Erin McPike of CNN about people preying on tornado victims
*Anderson played new video of the alleged London terror assailants being arrested and discussed the video with Nic Robertson as well as information on the victim
*Anderson gave an update on Jane Richard - sister of Martin, the 8 year-old killed at the marathon - left the hospital today after 12 surgeries in 39 days.
*360 News & Business Bulletin with Isha Sesay
*Anderson interviewed Phillip Vargyas who lost two children in the tornado ~

*Gary Tuchman reported on "Operation BBQ Relief" and joined Anderson for a follow up discussion ~

For how you can help go to  ~

New topics/guests in the 10:00PM ET Hour:
*AC360 played a new video of reporters harassing one of the jurors after which Anderson said "Okay, well that was actually pointless.  I don't know why we showed that to you.  I apologize for that.  We just literally got that video in.  Obviously he had no comment and they were harassing him."
*Anderson spoke with Shelley Jaques-McMillin, the Principal of Briarwood Elementary School
*Report on storm shelters by Tom Foreman
*Breaking News of a bridge collapse in Washington State with at least 2 cars with people in the Skagit River

And a few more photos of Anderson in Oklahoma reporting and with fans ~

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aries moon said...

The Briarwood School/tornado video was really scary to listen to and I can't imagine actually having to experience something like that--it will probably take the kids a long time to get over the trauma but at least they were able to survive it. I felt a little guilty about listening to it, maybe it's not something they should really be broadcasting, but it was riveting.

Gary's piece and AC's blunt comment about the Jodi Arias video were highlights. Good coverage by AC360 of the tornado and aftermath, but it probably could've ended last night.

Jaanza said...

Regarding Monday's post I did state 360 was excellent; everyone including Anderson was top-notch. And yes, Wonz, I would feel differently if I was in Oklahoma or knew someone who was. I said that obliquely in my post.

I stated here before that I have problems with one-topic shows. Maybe I have ADD. Or maybe I'm simply shallow and heartless when I get bored with different details of the same story no matter how heart wrenching going on and on instead of reporting other big news of the day.

Thanks, ATA, for the information posted Tuesday concerning the Orr Horse Farm. That info was never presented on 360.

So why am I watching 360 when I'm disappointed with it? Because I love Anderson. On Wednesday I watched a lot of Chris Hayes because he was covering more news. But I don't even like Hayes all that much. The best option turned out to be checking the CNN, MSNBC and NY Times websites.

I know disasters drive up the ratings for CNN and maybe I just get bored from non-stop disaster coverage faster than the average viewer.

While Aries Moon stated the Oklahoma coverage "could've ended last night" (and I agree), I already expecting tonight's 360 to be 90% Oklahoma, a wrap-up and review show of the whole week in Moore.