Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live in Cleveland, 5/8/13

Anderson Cooper was back on the scene of the kidnapping case in Cleveland for Wednesday night's AC360.  Because the chyron (segment titles) person was either on crack or playing roulette with the chyrons we're not even going to bother to list them.  Trust us when we say they just kept cycling them throughout the program and they made little sense when paired with the discussion on the screen.  We found this happening when AC was in Boston too.  Is it really that hard for those back in the 360 control room to pay attention and make some sense with the segment titles?  Must be.  

8:00 PM HOUR:
Reporters on tonight's program were:
Pamela Brown
Martin Savidge
Maria Santana, CNN Espanol
Randi Kaye

Guests interviewed were:
Brian Cummins, Cleveland City Council
Laura Cowan, held captive for years by her polygamous husband
Shawn Hornbeck, former kidnapping victim and his parents

The real Cleveland hero, Angel Cordero's interview with Maria Santana of CNN Espanol:

The one topic where the chyron's synced with the story:
Follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Jose Baez

Anderson's smack down of physic Sylvia Brown:

10:00 PM HOUR:
Most of the reports and interviews were a regurgitation of the 8:00 PM hour so we'll just highlight the new information:

Follow up discussion with Mark Geragos and Marsha Clark
Anderson's interview with  William Burgos, friend of the DeJesus family:

 Twitter picture from Cleveland:


If you're in NYC on Friday AC360 is doing a live taping at 3PM.  Here's the link for tickets.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I guessed, before 360 started, that Jodi Arias would be the lead story, that Arias would get half the show and the three Ohio women would get the other half and that there would be a Bulletin. Wrong on all counts.

All kinds of good information about the three rescued women. Anderson presented different angles to the story and talked to a good variety of folks. Terrific stuff for anyone keenly interested in this story, which I'm not. Nevertheless, I still got verklempt during the homecoming videos for two of the women.

I was more interested in the Arias trial and thought the segment covering this was the best in tonight's show. Casey Wian, Jeffrey Toobin and Jose Baez all had smart comments

Thanks for posting the clip of Anderson talking about Sylvia Brown, for me the second-best part of the show.

aries moon said...

I haven't really been into the Arias trial, but my first thought about her after verdict statement about the death penalty was that it was a head fake--Geragos seemed to be under the same impression.

Anderson's contempt for Sylvia Brown could not be hidden, I'm sure plenty of people agree with him.

Sounds like 360's still doing some experimentation--I wonder if this live taping will be anything like that AC360 Fridays thing they did a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

I only watched the first hour but the whole things was well-balanced and interesting. I'm still missing the international topics but I understand that these are big national stories and good for the ratings.

Anderson's comment about Sylvia Brown was great. I actually did a little fist-pump when he said that. He has done the occasional story about these frauds over the years and his mom was targeted by these so-called "psychics" who exploit grieving people that long for a connection with their lost loved ones so not much of a surprise he has an axe to grind.

I'm really curious about the 3PM live taping of AC360 now and I couldn't find any further info on that. I wonder if this will be a town hall thing or a studio live audience? Have they done this before or maybe a new experiment?