Monday, May 06, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 5/6/13

Both the 8 PM and the 10 PM hours were dedicated to the rescue of 3 Cleveland women who were kidnapped and have been missing for more than a decade.

While covering the breaking news Anderson spoke with:

Jen Stern, reporter for
Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart
Paul Orlousky, reporter for  WOIO
Angela Garcia, whose Aunt lives across the street from the kidnapper
Brian Cummins, Cleveland City Councilman
John Walsh, America's Most Wanted
Rachel Dissell, reporter for Cleveland Plain Dealer
Gale Mitchell, Amanda Berry's Aunt
John Ryan, Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Dr. Gerald Maloney, Metro Health Medical Center
Julio Castro, Uncle of the suspect

Additional segments:

BOMBING SUSPECT'S FRIEND OUT ON BAIL: Anderson Cooper and Joe Johns reporting




Anderson spoke at the Shore Medical Center Foundation’s 24th annual Stainton Society Thank You Brunch in Atlantic City this weekend.  PressofAtlanticCity has all the details.

Not many Tweeters among the attendees but there was one picture posted:


Anderson's home on Long Island was 'swatted' last month according to  Swatting is where a fake crime is reported at a celebrity's home causing a large police response. 


The posted pictures of Anderson, Molly and Ben in the West Village, taken Sunday morning:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

The news about the three missing-now-found women in Ohio was certainly breaking news but after 20 minutes I lost interest. I realize it's brand *new* news and other than thinking 'great, it's a happy news story and really wonderful for the families', however after a while it started to feel repetitive.

I really liked the segment on the Boston bombing suspects and the investigation. Joe Johns was very good and Anderson's interview with funeral director Stefan answered a lot of the questions I've been wondering.

Roughly 40 minutes into 360 at 8 there was a commercial for tonight's episode of 'Dancing With the Stars'. A dramatic exciting new episode airing tonight at 8, 7 central... exactly opposite 360. I can understand CNN accepting advertising for shows on other networks but isn't it dumb to broadcast those commercials for shows opposite the CNN show viewers are currently watching?

Thanks for the extra photos of Anderson, Ben and Molly. Two handsome guys but my attention was riveted on Molly, such a good doggie and looks so happy.

aries moon said...

The big top story was surprising but to be honest, it didn't really interest me--I guess if you're in Ohio and have followed that story for years it's major news, but for me, it's just a local story but I'm glad the ordeal is over for the women involved and the perpetrator has been arrested.

It was kind of a letdown to watch the 10 pm edition of 360--I miss the panel format but I guess that's over and done with even though it did a lot better than HuffPo/Deadline would have us believe.

Thanks for posting the pics of AC, Ben and Molly--quite a gorgeous family they are.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there was maybe a bit too much of the missing and found women. I zoned out a bit after half an hour or so.
Loved the interview with the grumpy funeral director. It was insighful and also delightfully authentic.

Anderson and Ben are such a handsome couple and Molly is adorable.

Anonymous said...

@Aries: Don't give up on the panel show yet. I don't think it was meant to be continued right away regardless of the ratings, which were good. :) I'm sure they will look at the results of the various experiments and then decide which one will become regular.

Unknown said...

Where is the Town Hall mtg Friday - in Cleveland? If so, where and what time; are tickets needed to get in? We would like to attend.