Thursday, May 02, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 05/02/2013

8:00PM HOUR: 

OFFICIAL, BOSTON SUSPECTS PLANNED JULY 4TH ATTACK, Surviving suspect tells investigators:  Report by Anderson Cooper
OFFICIAL, BOSTON BOMBS MADE IN APARTMENT, Shared by suspect #1, his wife and young child: Susan Candiotti reporting
FBI HAD SUSPECT'S LAPTOP, Laptop turned over by friend who is charged with obstructing justice:  Joe Johns reporting
BODY OF BOMBING SUSPECT #1 CLAIMED, Picked up by funeral home:  Deb Feyerick reporting

BREAKING NEWS, MASSIVE WILDFIRES RAGING IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 6,500 acres consumed in five hours in Ventura County:  Anderson Cooper and Paul Vercammen reporting from Ventura County, California

WOMAN REAPPEARS AFTER 11 YEARS, Brenda heist had been declared legally dead:  Report by Gary Tuchman
SON OF MISSING WOMAN SPEAKS OUT, Brenda Heist abandoned son and 8-year-old daughter:  Anderson's follow up telephone interview with Lee Heist

EXCLUSIVE, CHURCH CANCELS BUTLER'S BULLYING SPEECH, Tweet congratulating Jason Collins spurred action:  Anderson's interview with Leroy Butler, Former NFL player

AMERICAN SENTENCED TO 15 YEARS HARD LABOR IN N. KOREA, U.S. State Dept. demands Kenneth Bae's release:  Anderson Cooper and Dan Rivers reporting
AMERICAN SENTENCED TO 15 YEARS HARD LABOR IN N. KOREA, Sister, "We are baffled":  Anderson's follow up interview with Terri Chung, Sister of American sentenced in North Korea

BREAKING NEWS, MASSIVE WILDFIRES RAGING IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Homes evacuated in Newbury Park:  Paul Vercammen reporting from Newbury Park


10:00PM HOUR:

Anderson was joined at the round table by Christiane Amanpour, Amy Holmes, Jeffrey Toobin and Ari Fleischer; and remotely by Paul Vervammen, Susan Candiotti, Bob Baer,  Col. Morris Davis (Fmr. Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), and Laura Ling.  After a breaking news report on the  California Wildfires; topics discussed were the Boston Bombings, Getting Out of Gitmo?!, North Korea - American Sentenced, and Managing Message

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:   We've really enjoyed the Special Edition of AC360 at 10pm this week.  Ari Fleischer as the choice for the "5th chair" tonight had this blogger smacking their head against the desk going why, that is, until Ari  was schooled by Jeff Toobin, Christiane Amanpour and Col. Morris Davis. Here's hoping we see more of the Special Edition of AC360, perhaps with a new name and a little tweaking.

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Jaanza said...

360 was very good, a nice variety of news reports. The Boston bombing suspects again the lead story; I'm creepily curious about Tamarlan's body and who picked it up and where it will go.

In the report about the southern California wildfires, the reporter said it was unusual for wildfires to happen this time of year. In other news, parts of southeastern Minnesota got over a foot of snow today.

I really liked Leroy Butler, what a sweetheart. If Eva Longoria and Anthony Bourdain can be on the 10 PM show, why not Butler? And I thought about this long before seeing Ari Fleischer as the special guest.

I watched the first segment of the 10 PM show but when Fleischer was announced that was the time to turn off the TV. I might have stayed if I had known beforehand that others at the table would take Fleischer down for the count. Thanks, ATA, for providing that info in today's post.

aries moon said...

Larry Butler was a wonderful guest, more people need to have his positive outlook and inclusive spirit.

Ari Fleischer had been MIA from 360 for months and it was a pleasure not having to see his smug face and listen to his tiresome talking points, but then he goes shows up on the 10 pm show, what a huge disappointment--glad he got told off by the panel the way McCain did the other night, but his presence is still a total turnoff--I don't know why CNN/360 clings to these irrelevant figures and presents them as if their ideas still hold water or have merit. McCain, Giuliani, Bob Baer, Fran Townsend are just throwbacks to old policies and talking points that don't work. Still no Democratic representative on the show, but they seem to have never ending supply of irksome Republicans to put in front of the cameras. The bookers seem to just be falling back on the same old, same old. Why can't they make a stronger effort to get someone different than the usual in-house blowhards that many of us are sick to death of? Col. Morris Davis on the other hand was fantastic, no nonsense truth telling. THAT'S what they need more of. Amy Holmes continues to be out of her element and Christianne and Jeffrey just make her look like an amateur. Anderson abruptly said goodnight and gave no indication if the format will be back next week. The ratings were pretty good for it anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news about the Boston bombing. Maybe the fact that they had inititally planned to do a suicide attack and then chickended out does explain why there was so little preparation done for the time after the attack.

Thank you for posting the interview with Leroy Butler. What a wonderful guy! :) I agree, it would be great if they would invite him to the panel. Voices like him should be heard.

My guess is that since it was an experiment so far, they had guests on in the last two days that were easily available. The things is, it's kind of predictable that someone like Ari Fleischer would be taken down in the company of real experts, hehe. And that's too easy.
Btw., when Anderson announced Reese Witherspoon's arrest as a topic I first though, WHAT? But it tured out to be a really good, a but more light-hearted introduction for the PR desaster topic.

My guess is that they run out of time for a longer outro so Anderson had to end it pretty abruptly. Reactions and ratings seem to be really positive so far so here is hoping they will bring it back, maybe with a tweak here and there. They definitely have the chance to kick MSNBC's butt with this format and if they make full use of Anderson's connections to a whole range of intellectual, eloquent and creative people this could be great. Just don't get complacent with the guests and don't fall back the usual suspects only, as Aries mentioned. This can be good and decent or really great and outstanding if they really want to and make an effort.