Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 5/14/13

There was a second segment on the IRS later in the program and Anderson was joined in the studio by David Gergen

AMERICAN SPY EXPOSED? Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up with Phil Black in Moscow and Bob Baer

Anderson announced he'd be live in Boston on Wednesday night, the one month anniversary of the bombings

Follow up interview with CNN's Zoraida Sambolin and Dr. Sanjay Gupta:





AC360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Isha Sesay reporting


We think we now know why Anderson was in LA yesterday.  Yeardley Smith tweeted this picture with the caption: 'Anderson Cooper stopped by The Simpsons ystrdy (yesterday) & rocked our world. 3 lines never sounded so good.  Seriously #LOVE'.  


Zoraida Sambolin on the set of AC360

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I had some problems keeping focused on 360 Tuesday night. Anderson started with the IRS "scandal" but stayed with it for only two minutes. He came back to this story at 31 minutes past the hour but by that time I had already been channelsurfing.

Nothing against the reports about the alleged CIA spy in Russia (I liked Baer's comments about the whole deal being fishy and incredulous) and nothing against the two brothers terribly injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. I simply wasn't all that interested.

The report on Angelina Jolie's elective double mastectomy started out well. But then Zoraida Sambolin just kept going on and on. Regrettably, because I am a woman and I should have found Sambolin more compelling, the channelsurfing started again.

Got back to 360 for the second appearance of the IRS story and in time to hear Dana Bash say, concerning the watchdog report, 'it states there was no outside influence' on the decision to scrutinize the conservative groups requesting tax-free status; clearly meaning influence from the White House. Anderson seemed to pooh-pooh her and complained that there was no one taking responsibility, no fingerprints.

More channelsurfing. No Bulletin and no mention of Minnesota. At the very end, Anderson promoted Wednesday's show from Boston for the one-month anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. I can understand that. The bombing was a huge deal, CNN probably got big ratings while reporting it and Anderson connected with so many in that city. The whole hour just on Boston. I'll see you all on Thursday.

aries moon said...

Unlike a lot of other news programs that cover President Obama on a consistent basis, 360 virtually ignores him unless there's a "scandal" to discuss and they can bring in David Gergen, whose thankfully been MIA for months on the show, to have another go at the administration (I guess Jeffrey Toobin was far too reasonable and not as suspicious of the administration's motives for 360, so they dig up Gergen instead). I know the IRS/AP stories are significant and need to be addressed, but it just bugs me that 360's chooses to cover President Obama only if there's some "controversy". I think the bad blood between 360 and the Obama Administration regarding their Benghazi coverage still lingers and it affects the way 360 chooses to cover the President.

Anonymous said...

Overall interesting edition.

The CIA "spy" incident is so ridiculous. The guy and his tool kit look like he walked out of a trashy 60ies spy movie. On the other hand, would the Russians be really that clumsy in setting this up to embarrass the USA? Really odd.

I really liked the interview with Sambolin and I think it is great Angelina Jolie went public with having a double mastectomy. It raises awareness and understanding.

Regarding the IRS but especially the monitoring of journalists Anderson doesn't even make much of an efford to hide his dislike for certain behavior of the Obama administration (in the case of the IRS he's probably a bit too quick because apparently there is no connection) and I can kind of understand why. After the way the BP desaster was handled (1st Amendment, what's that?), the flip-flopping on gay marriage and the crap he got from the administration for breaking the Benghazi story I think he has developed a bit of a grudge against them?

PS: Does that mean Anderson will have a little Simpsons cameo? Woooh-hooo! :D

aries moon said...

@trampadoo, I differ with you on how the President handled the three issues you mention regarding Anderson but I won't get into that. I do think that Anderson has always made a point of saying he doesn't take sides, show biases or lets his personal opinion shape how he reports, so if he's holding a grudge against the President over other issues and allowing it to affect his work, it seems that he's just paying lip service to those journalistic principles he purports to hold.

Wonz said...

While I enjoyed the discussion with Jeffrey Toobin on Monday night, it seemed like Anderson and Bash had already tried and convicted the Obama Administration on both the IRS story and the AP story before most facts were known. Toobin was the calm voice of reason. Apparently that didn't sit well with Anderson, the AC360 Producers or CNN (whoever makes the guests decisions) as Toobin was replaced with Gergen last night and Gergen just jumped on the bandwagon with Anderson and Bash, damn reporting the facts. Guess Toobin's statement about "facts matter" doesn't apply to CNN anymore. Did they learn nothing from Boston?

@trampadoo, AC360 should not refelct things the Obama Administration has done that Anderson dislikes personally. CNN/AC360 is supposed to present all sides and let viewers make up their own minds. Unfortunately, from Day One with President Obama, this has not been the case. There were weeks of saying he couldn't get DADT repealed, the Affordable Care act passed, etc. and when he did, there was a mention in the Bulletin - no news segment. The BP disaster was mishandled by BP, not the administration. Billy Nungesser was the only one signing that tune and Anderson gave him a platform night after night. Several experts were brought in that said Nungessers plans wouldn't work, but that didn't seem to stop Billy from complaining and Anderson from giving him a platform to do so.

And I'm sorry, but CNN and Awra Damon deserved the push back from one administration member on Amb. Steven's journal, since they lied to Amb. Steven's family. I do think that CNN has gotten the picture that the Benghazi story is a non-story, created by Republicans. While I feel bad that 4 Americans were killed, look back at the Embassy bombings and number of deaths during the Reagan and Bush (W) administrations - where no one asked any questions and it was just accepted. If they want to report the facts and inform the public of facts, fine, but also set the context.

I think the IRS story will end up biting them in the butt, too. The head of the IRS at the time was a Bush Administration holdover. The SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United greatly effected the number of applications for tax exempt status coming in and it's the job of the IRS to investigate those applications. Perhaps if the IRS reviewed it's records now Karl Rove and Crossroads would have their exempt status taken away. But wait, that's not what the Republicans want and apparently AC360/CNN doesn't want to do any investigative reporting into the matter. They only seem interested in investigating tabloid stories, years old murder cases, etc.

I'm hopeful the DOJ finds the person leaking the information to the press. When leaks risk human lives/govt. workers, shouldn't Congress want them stopped? Or do they want more deaths like Amb. Steven's so they can hold more hearings instead of dealing with the budget, gun control/back-ground checks that the majority of Americans favor, immigration reform, etc.; in other words doing their jobs.

I liked the Angelina Jolie/Zoraida Sambolin segment. Women's health issues don't get much media coverage. I have a friend who lost her mother and her sister from breast cancer and had the marker. She too elected for the double mastectomy as a preventative measure and I admire her courage. I think Angelina Jolie speaking out can help other women, so good for her and good for AC360's coverage.

Isabel Siaba said...

AC360 was very good. The mix of news pleased me very much. I really like when the program is more dynamic and with many news.

The interview with Zoraida Sambolin was the best part. It was very instructive and AC handled it in a delicate way. This is an issue that concerns all women. There needs to be an awareness of the importance of prevention of breast cancer

The news that AC360 will be back to Boston is very good.

Anonymous said...

@Aries & Wonz: I kind of disagree with you on the BP handing and especially Benghazi. The administration had a say in the restriction of freedom of press and regarding Benghazi the whining about lying to Steven's family was just a tool to distract from what the information taken from that journal really meant. They got caught and then tried to distract with some hypocrite moral blame game. As if they cared about the feeling of the Steven family, please. They sure didn't give a damn before that incident happened amd created negative press for them.
Not to mention that this stuff was just lying around when the CIA should have secured the crime scene.
And I don't think comparing death tolls justifies covering up one screw up and just dismiss it. The actual thing might not be as extreme, the problem is more how it was handled.

I love Anderson's efford to remain neutral and keep his personal opinion out of things. But the Obama administration made it quite personal with their hypocrite criticism of the Benghazi story. So maybe that's the one thing where Anderson or the whole AC360 crew can't get over the grudge. Maybe he's a human after all? ^_^

I find it kind of fascinating actually. Many conservatives who never watch CNN anyway keep calling Anderson Obama's puppet even though that couldn't be further from the truth. Some think he never criticised him, not true, some think he is indirectly protecting him because he doesn't cover the Benghazi story much these days. My impression was rather that it was a bit of a power struggle between the administration and the media. After all certain ancors have a lot of power over the public reception of the administration and POTUS.