Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 05/29/2013

RICIN FOUND ON LETTER TO NYC MAYOR BLOOMBERG:  Anderson Cooper reporting with Deborah Feyerick, and follow up with Fran Townsend and Dr. Sanjay Gupta


TORNADOES TOUCH DOWN - Extreme weather strikes Plains & Midwest:  Anderson talks to CNN Meteorologist, Indra Petersons

YANIRA MALDONADO MAINTAINS HER INNOCENCE:  Anderson Cooper with Rafael Romo reporting from Mexico

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN WON'T SEEK RE-ELECTION:  Anderson Cooper and Dana Bash reporting and follow up discussion with John King and David Gergen

SENATOR'S SECRET TRIP INSIDE SYRIA:  Anderson Cooper's "AC360  Exclusive" interview with John McCain

NOTE:  While Anderson asked McCain a question about comparing Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan, in this blogger's opinion, the better question would have been comparing Syria to Libya.  Given the current almost failed state of Libya, McCain again calling for similar action by the U.S. and our allies that he repeatedly called for (on AC360)  in Libya, and McCain's "outrage" over the attack in Benghazi and his repeated attempts to place blame on President Obama and his administration for the attack; it was pretty obvious McCain didn't want to answer that question - so the tough question wasn't asked and in my opinion remains the elephant in the room in McCain's "outrage" over the current administration's actions in Syria. ~ Wonz

BABY FLUSHED DOWN TOILET NOW RECOVERING:  Anderson Cooper and David McKenzie reporting from Beijing

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks



Anderson tweeted about anchoring from Nashville tonight and the reason why ~

And after AC360, tweeted about the ratings ~

From today ~
May 2013 Ratings: CNN Tops MSNBC For Second Straight Month
Anderson Cooper 360 (8pm): Grew +99% in total viewers (778k vs. 390k) and was up +119% in the demo (256k vs. 117k). AC 360 was the topped rated show on CNN and ranked second in all of cable news at 8p in both total viewers and the demo (tying with HLN in total viewers).
(Please click on link for full article.  No information was provided on the 10pm hour of AC360.)

The following photos of Anderson being fitted for a new suit were posted to paulandwilliams Flickr account a few days ago ~

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Anderson covered a lot of news in the first segment: the Ricin letters sent to Bloomberg, unarmed Todaschev and tornadoes. At the end of the segment, Anderson previewed the upcoming stories on the Mormon mom's Mexican arrest and Rep. Bachmann's announcement she won't run in 2014. "Why did she decide not to run again?" Stay tuned in and find out!

I thought it was a stupid question because for more than a month Bachmann's ethics investigation and 2012 campaign financial flimflam have been big news around here. Granted, I'm in Minnesota but I don't even remember Bachmann's shenanigans being reported - even mentioned in the Bulletin - on 360.

Bachmann's segment was downright weird. I appreciated the clips of Bachmann running from Dana Bash and steering crazily around the questions. And the other clips of typical Bachmann being batshit crazy. Bash had some good comments about Bachmann's tough 2012 win and later John King said she would very likely lose if she ran again in 2014. Even Gergen pointed out Bachmann had no impact legislatively but did have some impact politically for the Tea Party.

For a while it looked like Anderson was here on the home planet when commenting on the run-away-from-Bash and the Obama's-India-trip. But later when talking with King and Gergen he said " doubt she's smart" and "...she's very intelligent." WTF? Everyone just saw how unintelligent Bachmann is in that clip where Anderson is trying to explain to Bachmann the unreliability of her source for the Indian trip expenditure.

Bachmann is bonkers and Anderson is stating she's smart? Maybe he was only reading what was on the teleprompter but the dissonance was making me bonkers.

At least the local news handled it better. Don't know how Gergen can say Bachmann will have a good future on the lecture circuit but the man-in-the-street comments on the local news shows that most people who know her best are happy she's bowing out.

And then McCain. Anderson did ask a couple of good questions about weapons we supply possibly falling into the wrong hands and about rebel groups also being extremists. However, when McCain said the extremists were "not a sizable portion..." and "we can identify who these people are and help the right people" - I was not satisfied with that answer and was hoping Anderson would ask "how do we know for sure?" Although Anderson did ask about Syria becoming a "quagmire" he didn't ask anything more after McCain's bland and rose-colored answer.

I liked the variety of news but wished Anderson could have been more real (Bachmann) or more grilling (McCain) in the political segments.

aries moon said...

I couldn't stomach another AC360/McCain interview so I didn't bother to watch that segment--Wonz raises a good point, McCain is all bluster, hot air and a war monger who is purposely blind to the damage that mindset has caused. McCain appears to be a "friend" of the show and apparently can do no wrong in AC's eyes, so I suppose no tough questions will ever be asked of him about Syria or anything else for that matter.

AC, Dana Bash, John King and Gergen sounded utterly ludicrous trying to convince us that Michele Bachmann is smart. Has anyone with a brain seen any evidence of her supposed intelligence so far? She has never shown herself to be more than someone who never lets facts get in the way of an inflammatory headline. "Imbecile" might be too generous a description for her. Conniving, fraudulent, narcissistic lunatic is more like it. Good riddance, although I would've loved to see a Democrat take her spot.

Anonymous said...

Have to say I love Anderson for his continuing coverage of Syria.

Anonymous said...

This is the AC360 I really enjoy watching. I'm happy the special converage brings great ratings but here is hoping the viewers stick with the show when they report on a variety of topics as well.

Wonz said...

@fruitymangoes I would love for AC360/Anderson to continue to cover Syria if they actually reported the facts of what was happening vs. just letting John McCain give his opinion.

AC360 used to cover a lot more international news and did it well, with facts and reporters on the ground - not political figures and pundits giving their opinions. If CNN doesn't want to send their journalists into Syria perhaps Anderson could interview other reporters who have been on the ground. I'm over John McCain, Fouad Ajami and others like them with an agenda, showing up on the program and it be deemed reporting on Syria, etc.

In my opinion this is what's wrong with AC360/CNN - they don't use their reporters, stringers and those based in various foreign countries to bring us factual reports, but rather use the same old faces, pundits and panels or if they do investigative reporting it's on some obscure story that impacts few people and most viewers aren't interested in.

Anderson's comments on Michele Bachmann were just mind blowing. She may have a law degree, but that doesn't make her smart or intelligent. Let's hope he was tired or on pain medication (for his root canal) and just reading prompter at that point. I though Dana and John King did a good job, but Gergen seemed to be trying to make the Tea Party relevant again. Yikes!

John McCain's answers didn't do it for me either. Apparently he doesn't realize that Iraq is on the brink of civil war and Libya has become al-Qaida's main base in the region. There have even been reports that in the photo of John McCain and the people he met with, one of the men has open ties with al-Qaida - which he and his staff of course deny. So to say he can identify extremists is laughable. He's turned into a war monger and doesn't realize that every U.S. military intervention in the last 12 years has been a failure and at great cost in both American and other human life, and huge sums of money that could be put to better use. U.S. intervention in the region has not made us safer, but to the contrary, given jihadists a reason to hate us more. Apparently, McCain hasn't gotten the message or learned from the past?

@trampadoo While I'm glad you are liking the variety of topics, Anderson reporting on big breaking news stories/in the field are what hikes his ratings and have given him the ratings increase reported on in the extras. Perhaps if AC360 expands their factual reporting and drops their panels/pundits, the studio numbers would rise.

Anonymous said...


I certainly wouldn't mind a good mixture of in the field reporting and ancoring from the studio. Give me Sanjay and Jeffrey Toobin anytime though.

As for Bachmann's "intelligence", I think you are all taking this too serious. Remember the bigoted and not too intelligent lady Anderson interviewed where he said "I know it is difficult topic" at the end which was the nail on the coffin of exposing how stupid she was? Sometimes mentioning "but she is very intelligent" when someone is obviously not, it obviously meant as sort of an insult.

But maybe that doesn't even apply in this case. Because you have to admit, Bachmann came out of nowhere, made a lot of money, gained a lot of influence within a short period of time. She's not a bad speaker. She's brilliantly stupid and ignorant on purpose or has at least been used by people who understand the market of politics and opinion forming.

Because just throwing factually incorrect nonsense out there with enough self-confidence and presistence often works. Something will stick, many people will believe it if they already support you or dislike the person or agenda she lied about enough. That's why AC360 had to be so presistent in refuting her lies. And still her method worked really well.

So call it intelligent, clever (if pretty immoral and dishonest) or just a tool of people who get it, her scheme worked pretty well for years. Maybe she is really that stupid or naive. But I doubt it. And reporters and politicians have enough experience with these kind of methods to form an opinion on what Bachman really is.

She reminds me of some leading creationists. Many of these guys are quite intelligent. Some may actually believe the nonsense they say are not too clever but some are intentionally stupid and ignorant and play their followers like a well oiled money making machine.

Does anyone know Lord Christopher Monckton? He's the Michelle Bachmann of climate change denialism. He's traveling the world giving lectures, he's a good speaker with zero integrity and scruple, admired by his target audience, making tons of money and just like Bachmann he has a whole army of scientists and other decent people stumbling after him, trying to refute his constant lies, manipulation and misinformation and do damage control.

So I agree with Gergen. Bachman will have a good future on the lecture circuit because there is an audience for her dishonest nonsense, because she is a self-confident speaker and because she lacks honesty and decency or is fully convinced of the crap she is saying.