Saturday, May 11, 2013

Next Week on Anderson Live 5/13 - 5/17

Monday, May 13: Co-Host Kyle Richards ('RHOBH'), Daytime Exclusive: Joran van der Sloot's 'Guardian Angel' Mary Hamer on Her New Book She Is Co-Writing with Natalee Holloway's Alleged Killer and "Don't Trust the B in Apt 23" star Krysten Ritter

Tuesday, May 14: Co-Host Actress Lisa Rinna, Mom Controversy: Pills Make Me a Better Mom and 'Switched at Birth' Star Marlee Matlin

Wednesday, May 15: Co-Host Actress Lisa Rinna, Strange Addictions Revealed / Actor Ricky Schroder and Sandra Vergara

Thursday, May 16: Co-Host Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, EXCLUSIVE: The Pregnant Man's Fight to Divorce and Bow Wow (BET's '106 & Park')

Friday, May 17: Co-Host Judge Marilyn Milian , Scam Alert: How to Avoid the Latest Money Scam, Grumpy Cat  and Frugal Friday

The ATA Team raise our Anderblue martinis in a toast to Wonz, who has blogged Anderson Live for the last 2 years! The program is in repeats from now until it ends its run in August.  So no more ATA talk show posts (except the Saturday schedules) and no more Terence, Candice, Frugal Fridays, wacky products or True Crime Tuesdays....we'll drink to that!

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aries moon said...

Anderson's show needed better focus and topics and fewer appearances by irritating co-hosts, producers and annoying recurring characters, but I still will miss those moments when AC was just talking about himself, his quirks, his likes and dislikes and simply being funny--I like that side of him too and the talk show was the only outlet for it (at least during its best segment, The First 15). Honestly, as bad as AC's show could be, there are still no other talk shows or hosts that I have the slightest desire to ever watch. I hope AC can get back into co-hosting with Kelly or do something where he can have a bit of fun--he has a long history of being a reporter who is capable of serious, substantial work but one who is also humorous and witty--I hope one day he'll find a better outlet for those gifts--it's why I started watching him and remain an admirer to this day.

Thanks for blogging the show for those of us who were still watching.

Isabel Siaba said...

Wonz and ATA Team thanks for those two years. For me that I'm outside the U.S., you were my source of information about Anderson Live.
I wish I had personally witnessed Anderson Live, but the 2 times I was in the U.S.I did not get an entry.
I hope Anderson get another space to show your side fun, but I understand how difficult it is to keep a daily entertainment show.
Congratulations Anderson and Anderson Live team! I'm sure your work was great, but the challenge of audience numbers is cruel.