Thursday, June 06, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 06/06/2013

REPORTS:  U.S. GOVT. MINING DATA FROM 9 INTERNET COMPANIES:  Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta Reporting; Anderson Cooper talks to Ron Paul; Anderson's follow up with Paul Begala and Ari Fleischer

Part 1:
Part 2:

JUDGE'S RULING PUTS 2ND CHILD IN LINE FOR ADULT LUNGS:  Jason Carroll reporting; Anderson's follow up discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (about size of lungs needed for transplant)




Anderson tweeted about being at the airport lounge early this morning ~

And his interview with Kristin Beck this afternoon ~

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Jaanza said...

Wahoo! Paul Begala was back on 360! He's been away for way too long. It was an interesting segment and all three guys - Paul, Begala and Fleischer - had good comments. Yup, even Fleischer, "It's like George Bush is having his fourth term." Begala's best comment was comparing people who are upset about background checks before a gun purchase but are totally okay with the NSA checking everyone's phone and internet record.

Shallow and short-attention-span me, I channel surfed during the Kristen Beck segments.

The segment on the two cystic fibrosis children placed on the adult lung transplant list was okay but an explanation of what cystic fibrosis does to the lungs was still needed. Just a sentence or two from Gupta would have done it. Because I think knowing more about the disease would help people understand why these families are so desperate for new lungs for their kids.

Did everyone see the new Expedia commercial featuring a lesbian wedding (between lung transplants and Tropical Storm Andrea)? It was adorable but perhaps shown only in more LGTB friendly places.

The Ridiculist was pretty good. I got stuck wondering why the thief, during the second robbery, would bother taking the whole clothing rack instead of taking the clothes off the rack which would have made getting out the door so much easier.

aries moon said...

It was good to see Paul Begala back and AC360 return to some semblance of balance even if Paul and Ari seemingly switched sides in their opinion of the President on the NSA/Verizon controversy.

Kristen Beck's story was fascinating and as AC and others said, it had to take a lot of courage for her to speak publicly about what she has gone through as a Navy Seal with a huge secret.

Anonymous said...

The interview with Kristen Beck was great and very interesting. What a brave person. And on a shallow note: awesome legs, lady!