Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 06/13/2013

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair, but AC360 appeared to be recorded earlier in the day.  Here's the rundown ~

BREAKING NEWS, COLORADO WILDFIRES RAGING:  Martin Savidge reporting and discussion with Anderson Cooper
Anderson's follow up interview with Jeanette and Kristian Coyne
Chad Myers reports

BREAKING NEWS, W.H. - SYRIA CROSSES 'RED LINE' WITH USE OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS:  Anderson's discussion with John King, Christiane Amanpour and Fran Townsend

CANCER CHARITY RIP-OFF:  Report by Drew Griffin and follow up discussion with Anderson


WHITEY BULGER TRIAL UNDERWAY:  Anderson with Debroah Feyerick reporting




Ran across this clip from The Daily Show from June 3rd and it seemed to fit tonight, given the discussion on arming Syria ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

It was a pretty good 360. The report about the Colorado wildfires made me thankful for the rain we've been getting around here. I think I would have placed this second and put the report and panel about Syria first.

Two great things about the Syria report 1) Anderson asked John King about what happens in Syria after Assad falls - a question I don't think has been getting enough attention. King answered that Assad will fall, it's a matter of when and not if, but after that it's complicated and things get really fuzzy. And 2) No McCain.

Drew Griffin's new report on charity scams had some good points and I enjoyed watching Reynolds quickly drive off with Griffin knocking on the SUV windows. It was essentially the same old story of "charities" keeping the money or giving 'gifts in kind'. But I really liked the discussion between Griffin and Anderson and Anderson's comments of how these people were "running away like cockroaches from you and your cameras" and comparing Griffin to Mike Wallace. Griffin had a thought-provoking comment about the IRS scrutinizing tea party groups but not these guys. The only thing missing was info on charity rating sites anybody can check out like charity or charity

The Ridiculist was good. Anderson was having fun with the lyrics to 'Anderson Cooper' even though the song sounded horrible. Not a heavy metal fan myself.

Thanks, ATA, for the Jon Stewart clip; the timing is perfect.

Anonymous said...

John Oliver is taking over TDS for Jon Stewart for the next three months and according to the NYT, while Oliver's humor is quite different, being English, he is still funny.
Jon will be making periodic phone- ins to keep his audience up to date as to his 'directorial debute.'
As far as McCain goes, Jon Stewart used to respect him and used to have him on his show as a frequent guest.
Since his 08 campaign, however, he has made him a prime target for all his political gaffes.
I have no sympathy for him as a politician and neither does Stewart, obviously.
His Syrian trip was just another way to KEEP himself relevant.

aries moon said...

McCain, Clinton, Amanpour and Townsend don't have the weight and responsibility that President Obama has on his shoulders when it comes to foreign policy--he doesn't have to operate on their timetable.

Hopefully 360's report on the fraudulent charities will get them shutdown and the people running them will have to fork over the cash they stole from people who believed them to be legitimate. AC was pretty worked up over this story.

The heavy metal song about AC was quite funny--whether they were mocking him or not, they clearly have made a study of his newsman persona.

TDS had a brief and amusing AC mention again.