Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 6/11/13

The majority of tonight's AC360 focused on the riots in Turkey.  Ivan Watson, Christiane Amanpour and Fran Townsend joined Anderson Cooper in the NY studio, Fouad Ajami contributed by phone, Dan Lothian from DC and Arwa Damon and Nick Paton Walsh joined the broadcast via satillite from the streets of Istanbul. 

In the last 10 minutes of the program the topic turned to the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden.  Miguel Marquez reported from Hawaii and AC interviewed Rep. Peter King (R) NY, who was in  Washington.

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Also this picture was posted on Twitter today by @knmeyersfree.  They said it was taken at a mud race in Michigan in July 2010 and didn't think it was Anderson but still a very good look alike:

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