Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 6/25/13

8:00 PM

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: DAY TWO: Martin Savidge reporting
Anderson's exclusive interview with Zimmerman attorney Mark O'Mara
Follow up discussion with Mark Geragos and attorney Paul Henderson

MYSTERY SWIRLS AROUND EDWARD SNOWDEN:  John Defterios reporting from Russia
Anderson speaks with Philip Mudd, former CIA and FBI

Anderson's exclusive interview with Matt & Melanie Capobianco

HIGH WIRE MASTER: An interview with Nik Wallenda



10:00 PM

Anderson Cooper anchored the 10 PM hour which focused on the Zimmerman trail.  Participants included Martin Savidge, Mark Geragos, Sunni Hostin, Jose Baez, Jeffrey Toobin and more with Mark O'Mara. 

From Nik Wallenda's Twitter feed:

This one tweeted by KateMcCallumc3 was captioned 'Ed collaborated with Anderson Cooper in The Vortex Dome yesterday!'


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Jaanza said...

Just a few things stood out in Tuesday's 360.

Philip Mudd - This guy had the best talk about Snowden; I don't remember seeing him on the show before but I'm glad Anderson interviewed him. This was the most interesting segment and Mudd gets bonus points for mentioning "three-dimensional chess".

Indian Child Welfare Act - When Randi Kaye's report first aired, I scolded her for saying "Indian" instead of "Native American" (Indians are people from India). Now I see that part of the problem was the title of the law that was debated by SCOTUS.

Anderson & The Ridiculist - Despite his hair, he's not that good at imitating an old guy. Even though it makes me sound like an old fogie, I totally agree with the anti-saggy pants law the Georgia town passed.

@Trampadoo and my post yesterday - Regarding the debate whether Anderson or Sunny Hostin was being insulting concerning the Zimmerman jury: Thanks for posting Anderson's exact sentence
"Sunny, you believe the prosecution was very effective today, especially for an all-female jury."
Yes, I see insult and sexism there. If the jury were all men, would Anderson have said "...especially for an all-male jury" Or half men, "...especially for the females on the jury" While everybody and the cat next door will be theorizing what the jury is thinking I wish we could get away from gender-defining nonsense. A big, perhaps impossible, thing to wish for. I just know whatever decision the jury reaches, pundits up and down the line will say it was because they were all women.

aries moon said...

A critical part of the historic Voting Rights Act being decimated by SCOTUS that will send the GOP on a rampage with voter suppression tactics which will disenfranchise millions of voters only rated the briefest mention on AC360, instead they chose to focus on a different decision by SCOTUS that could've been reported at another time. I don't expect AC to relegate the Prop 8 and DOMA (which I hope are struck down) decisions to the bulletin, so it's unfortunate that another decision that is equally as important apparently doesn't merit his attention. Instead of showing footage a violent home invasion and a saggy pants edition of the Ridiculist, that time might've been better spent on issues that will have an impact on a large group of people, but this is a good example of where 360's priorities seem to lie.

360 was also quick to report on the Gosnell story when conservatives went nuts on Twitter over it--well liberals on Twitter were angry about the lack of coverage of the Texas SB5 fight and the hours long Wendy Davis filibuster (she is a hero). We'll see if 360 covers that Wednesday, or do they only think a Rand Paul filibuster is worth a report?

CNN/MSNBC/Fox all but ignored the President's Climate Change speech, so I certainly wasn't expecting 360 to cover it, not even with a mention in the bulletin--ignoring POTUS, unless there's a GOP-led "scandal" to report, has become 360's M.O.

I watched the Skywire with Nick Wallenda and it was riveting, but considering the volatility/significance of the news day, the interview with him was the LAST thing I wanted to see.

Anonymous said...


Actually I agree with you that Sunny's comments were insulting and sexist. She is smitten with the prosecutor and is projecting that onto the jury, implying that women are easily influenced by the looks and charms of a lawyer.

My point is that he didn't just make this rethorical question up, he was clearly referring to something she had already mentioned, giving her the cue to say it on air. That's her opinion, and while you and I may not like it and find it insulting and sexist, I don't think Anderson should filter it out. I don't think prejudice and gender-clichés just disappear by not letting people voice them on air. Even though it is especially annoying when it comes from a woman and sadly, that woman is confirming the stupid cliché by raving about the prosecutor. Kind of ironic and embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

According to the NYT, in deciding which juror to choose, one of the factors it seems, was how each of them felt about firearms.
I found this quite interesting that not only gender, race, education, and exposure to the story mattered, but that the deciding factor would have been hand guns.
Half of the women on the Zimmerman trial are owners of handguns and the other half have spouses or close relatives who own weapons of choice.
Zimmerman does not make a good impression as a defendant. Men are told to wear a suit and tie, while women are prompted to wear pearls and such, to make an imposing and properly attired appearance. Zimmerman, because of his weight gain, looks like a "mobster from Jersey."
In this case, "the suit doesn't make the man."

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I am not a fan of the jury system at all, nor of this kind of public trials. It's just an emotionalised spectacle and the process of choosing the jury is all about tactics. If the itcome of the trial depends so much on the prosecution or defense picking or rather rejecting the right jurors and their stance on various topics can sways the verdirct to one side or the other, I find that rather questionable.

Anonymous said...

Will you stop criticizing everything about the US, you are the typical nonAmerican who knows nothing about us but still criticizes. Stick to saying how much you love Anderson, no wait, don't do that I'm tired of your comments totally.