Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 06/05/2013

JUDGE GIVES GIRL BETTER CHANCE AT LUNG TRANSPLANT:  Anderson Cooper and Jason Carroll reporting; Anderson Cooper follow up interview with Fran Murnaghan, Sarah's father and Sharon Ruddock, Sarah's aunt

MIDWEST FLOODING, LEVEES FAIL:  Anderson talks with Gary Tuchman reporting from Alton, IL

BURNING CONTROVERSY, Jeep manufacturer says no to safety recall:  Report by Drew Griffin and follow up with Anderson Cooper

FIRST LADY VS HECKLER:  Report by Erin McPike and follow up interview by Anderson Cooper with Jodi Kantor, NY Times correspondent

BOSTON BOMBING SURVIVOR MEETS HER HERO:  Replay of report by Randi Kaye prior to video of actual meeting today and Anderson's in studio interview with Amanda North ~

PARIS JACKSON SUICIDE ATTEMPT:  Anderson talks to Miguel Marquez reporting from LA

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST:  Gargoyle Controversy

Anderson tweeted the following Instagram photo after AC360 ~


AC360 posted the following to their Instagram page saying "Day 2 of Celebrating" ~

And the following photos showed up on Twitter today of Anderson filming something in Columbus Circle ~

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

A pretty good 360. I would have added more information about cystic fibrosis in the Sarah Murnagham segment, just some background on what the disease does to the lungs. Did Anderson or Jason Carroll say anything like that and I just missed it?

I loved Gary Tuchman's report from Alton IL. The most fun flood report I've seen in a long time. Anderson's interview with Amanda North was very good. At first I was worried it would be too 'Oprah' but Anderson and North kept it from being too maudlin. I hope Paris Jackson makes it to her 18th birthday and then hightails it out of there and goes far away from her relatives.

The Ridiculist was missing a close-up well-lit photo of the anatomically-correct 9-foot gargoyle statue. I believe the BBC would have shown it. Loved the artist's comment, "Everything has a sex." As for the guy's comment that children would get upset, I've often wondered what little boys think of sexless, castrated Ken dolls and GI Joe figures.

Thanks for the extra photos of Anderson, wish I could have been strolling through Columbus Circle at the time just to say 'hi'.

aries moon said...

The first three reports on AC360 didn't interest me--I'm not sure why the lung transplant story was the lead or breaking news. I switched to Chris Hayes on MSNBC who was talking about President Obama's appointment of Susan Rice as National Security Adviser which was a big story on most other news programs--360 didn't even bother to mention it in the bulletin. Perhaps the President thumbing his nose at the GOP and John McCain/Lindsay Graham in particular doesn't sit well with AC and/or his producers so they chose to ignore it? Rice was a scapegoat who did nothing wrong and I'm glad she's back working closely with the President. 360 focused on something of far less importance--analyzing how the First Lady dealt with the heckler--she handled it fine for my money. I don't know why they chose such an odd pic of FLOTUS for the story intro--were they trying to imply she's foul-tempered and out of control? Anyhow, there was no reason to use a photo like that with this story.

The studio interview with Amanda North was good.

Anonymous said...

I think FLOTUS handled the hackler incident relatively well and that lady didn't do her cause any good. I mean really, when do you ever come out on top as a hackler and made your organisation or whatever look good? Bad idea.

And the Ridiculist was not really funny due to the topic but I doubt it was meant to be. It was actually kind of disturbing. That's not freedom of speech and expression indeed. Had the statue not been naked and he had given it a giant gun to hold, no one would have blinked an eye. Again, so symptomatic of the US' problems. A penis is offensive and children who walk by (that really looked like a well populated stop btw. Right.) might.. what? Seriously. Do American children react in some kind of mysterious uncontrollable way when they see naked statues or nudity in general? Because they sure don't do in other countries and nude statues, naked people on tv or on the beach and adult shops with graphic displays in the shop windows is something you see here all the time.