Sunday, June 30, 2013

From the ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper in Ghana with President Obama, July 2009

President Obama and his family are currently on a trip to Africa and it's barely been on AC360's radar; with a brief mention in the AC360 News & Business Bulletin Friday night.   We thought it would be a good time to dig in the ATA archives for video of when Anderson traveled to Ghana to interview President Obama and report on the President's visit to Africa.  Perhaps the "New CNN" is looking for a different type of viewer considering the "story selection" on AC360 of late?

Part 1 of the interview aired on AC360 on July 13, 2009 ~

Part 2 of the interview aired on AC360 on July 14th 2009 ~

Anderson's Reporter's Notebook was part of the AC360 Special "President Obama's African Journey" which aired on July 17th  ~

Anderson stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday, July 16th, to talk about his trip to Ghana, interviewing President Obama and promote the AC360 special ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Thanks for the videos, awesome to see those reports again, it's classic Anderson.

I'm not sure about CNN's direction as a whole. I only watch 360 and some of the Situation Room. It's disappointing that 360 is looking a lot like an HLN show. HLN is heavily concentrated on crime and it doesn't make sense to have CNN as a copy of HLN. Viewers who want to know about the latest in the latest crime stories have HLN, CNN should have a wider range of news.

Shortly after posting on Friday night, I checked out I can't remember what the big pictured center story was but on the left side in the list of 'The Latest', two reports about Zimmerman were 9th and 10th in the list.

I will attempt a study on Monday to check the lead stories of the evening news shows of the networks, the Situation Room at 6 PM and 360. The Zimmerman trial is in session tomorrow, right? However the tragic news of the Arizona firefighters may push the trial out of the way.

As stated, it's stupid to make CNN a copy of HLN. Maybe that's what most viewers want and I'm in the minority but I'll trudge over to MSNBC cursing Zucker for ruining 360 and Anderson.

Wonz said...

@Jaanza -

I'm not happy that CNN is becoming HLN either. I think Zucker is chasing ratings at any cost and part of that cost is long time viewers of AC360 and respect for Anderson.

I did find the interview interesting and one thing jumped out at me. Anderson went pretty hard at President Obama on the repeal of DADT. President Obama's reply was that he was working with Congress to make sure it happened in the best possible way for the interested parties. I remember Gergen and Anderson and others on AC360 saying the repeal bill wouldn't pass in December 2010 for several nights on AC360. When the bill did pass, it was a mention in the Bulletin. I remember thinking that was a low point for Anderson and AC360 in their fair and balanced coverage. But at least AC360 was still a news program at that time and not the trial central it has become today.

I had hope when Zucker took over, but that hope has crashed and burned. The only program on CNN that I watch anymore is AC360 and not even that so much lately.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I have more or less given up on AC360. I hardly ever watch anymore. All it is is crime and filler. Its not news anymore and is disappointing to see how bad 360 has become. I hope it will get better again. I'd like to start watching again.

sandyeggo said...

When is AC's contract up? I hope he puts on his walking shoes. Anyplace would be an improvement over Zucker's CNN.cnanty 345