Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 6/18/13

The Ladies of ATA are traveling and just arrived in ....

this morning.  We settled into our hotel, then went to pick up our tickets for tomorrow's big event and enjoyed some of the local sights and food!  

We turned on CNNi and saw that John King was in the AC360 anchor chair Tuesday night.   We're not sure if photos will be allowed at Anderson's session, but we'll do our best!    
- The Ladies of ATA

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aries moon said...

I stopped watching 360 after Drew Griffin's IRS report which was mostly speculation and a lame attempt to drag the White House into it. Funny how 360 breathlessly reports that there may be "more" to the IRS case right after Elijah Cummings released documents showing that the White House was NOT the instigator for the targeting of Tea Party organizations. I don't even know if Cumming's revelation was even discussed on the show after that or even in the bulletin--it made news elsewhere because Darrell Issa's bluff was called and he was made to look like the fool and fraud he is, but you won't see that on 360. What you WILL see is them giving credence to Republican-led anti-Obama scandal mongering, even when facts are sketchy. Reports like that one remind me why I really, really dislike Drew Griffin and am sorry that he's featured so frequently on the show. Surely there are better, more objective investigative reporters out there.

I hope the ladies of ATA are enjoying the breathtaking sites of Cannes.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon. I agree completely about Drew Griffin's report on the IRS. Every time I see "AC360 exclusive" or hear Anderson say you will only see/hear this on AC360 - (especially about a political topic) I'm highly skeptical. If it's that big a story and well vetted, other news organizations would be talking about it, too. If I had a big story to break, I wouldn't go to AC360/CNN given their ratings and reputation these days.

The bright spot in last night's program for me was Paul Begala. Loved that he kept talking over Ari at the end - b/c that's what Ari always does - trying to get in the last word. Loved that Paul wasn't going to let him get away with that last night.

Anyone else notice how much AC360 seems to tweet an Ari quote every time he's on, but never one from the other side?

I had to change channels mid-way through Drew's report. It was just making me sad at what CNN/AC360 has become. Nothing they announced at the beginning of the show made me want to check back in.


aries moon said...

@Jenn, I have noticed that 360 will ignore Paul's always interesting quotes in favor of Ari's. What exactly is the message they are trying to send viewers by doing that?