Monday, July 01, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 7/1/13

8:00 PM
NAMES OF 19 DEAD FIREFIGHTERS RELEASED: Kyung Lah reporting from Prescott, AZ
Phone interview by Anderson with Capt. Joe Woyjeck, father of hot shot Kevin Woyjeck
Satellite interview with Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraigo

Follow up discussion with Sunny Hostin, Jeffrey Toobin, Mark Geragos and Danny Cevallos

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN TRIAL DAY SIX: Anderson speaks with Martin Savidge and Jean Casarez

Anderson did a follow up interview with Kyle Dickman, Editor Outside Magazine

EGYPT ON EDGE AMID ULTIMATUM: Anderson Cooper and Ben Wedeman reporting


10:00 PM 
AC360 was live in the 10PM hour as Anderson and a panel of legal experts discussed in depth the day's events in the George Zimmerman trial.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I hope the makers of ATA and all those who read the comments will indulge me and let me post a study I conducted on Monday to compare content of different news programs. All times are listed as Eastern time, as is the ATA standard.

The Situation Room at 6 PM started with Zimmerman. On my local stations at 6, here's what the lead stories were::
KARE (NBC) - the Arizona firefighters
KMSP (FOX) - the Arizona firefighters
KSTP (ABC) - the Arizona firefighters
WCCO (CBS) - teenage boy found dead in abandoned house, murder or suicide?

Checking back to Blitzer at :18 past the hour he had moved on to the Egyptian riots and Army ultimatum. Over at MSNBC, Al Sharpton was still discussing Zimmerman at :23 past.

The lead stories on the network news at 6:30:
ABC - the Arizona firefighters
CBS - the Arizona firefighters
NBC - the Arizona firefighters
I channel surfed all three including CNN until Blitzer introduced a segment on what G.W. Bush is thinking about lately. Egypt was the second story on CBS and NBC (didn't catch ABC's).
The NBC Nightly News intro stated Zimmerman would be covered after the Arizona firefighters and Egypt. However, it must have been a short piece, I never saw it. Also, I never saw/heard Zimmerman mentioned on the ABC or CBS news shows.

Before 8 PM, I thought I picked the wrong day for my comparison study because OF COURSE Anderson would cover the Arizona firefighters and Egypt first and then Zimmerman later, if at all.

360 started out great with terrific reports and interviews about. the Arizona firefighters. I especially liked that Anderson took the time to list and read the names of all 19 firefighters.

Then for reasons I cannot fathom, Zimmerman had two segments. Time to switch to Hayes who, in that time, covered Gov. Corbett of PA and Obamacare and then NSA/Prism/privacy issues.

Back at 360 there was more about fighting forest fires and the Hot Shot Firefighting Team. It was all well-done and good information that would have been appreciated if it was a slow news day and there wasn't big big news going on elsewhere.

Egypt, that big big news, finally got on 360 at :51 past the hour. For the short time allotted to Ben Wedeman and this topic, it was alright. Unfortunately, this news needed and deserved more time.

During 360 there were two commercials for the new season of 'The Newsroom' on HBO. I've never seen this show (we dropped HBO/MAX/Showtime years ago because we rarely watched them) but I do know it's about a dedicated cable news anchorman. So I found it sadly ironic to see McAvoy advertised during Anderson's show. More sad than ironic actuallyl.