Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 7/29/13

KEEPING THEM HONEST, REHAB RACKET: Part 1 of a 3 part series with Drew Griffin

John Walsh was Anderson's guest to discuss the crackdown

CANNES DIAMOND THEFT: Erin McLaughin reporting

SNOWDEN'S JOURNEY: Anderson Cooper reporting


Part 1:

Part 2:



Lots of drama in the NY papers this weekend about one of Anderson's stalkers being arrested.  If you missed the news here's the article from The NY Post:



Rumors have been running rampant that there is a scandal brewing within a famous NY family.
Blind Gossip first ran a tease the beginning of July that read:

This family is very famous, with branches of the family tree reaching into entertainment, fashion, and the media.  And there is a big family fight going on right now over a s*x tape that one of the younger members of the family wants to release!
The family has banded together to try to prevent a s*x tape featuring one of the foxy young girls in the family from ever seeing the light of day. They are trying everything from bribes to legal measures to try to prevent this tape from hitting the market.
We’ve got some news for the family: Given how determined the girl is to release it, there may not be enough silver in the world to keep their family’s reputation intact!

Not long after this The Dirty.com posted that the person at the center of the gossip is AC's half brother Stan Stokowski's daughter Abra.

When we heard that AC was heading home from his vacation after only 4 days we knew we had to cut our road trip short.  So we parked the Airstream and hurried back to the ATA office but hope to continue our adventure in the near future.  Seriously who only takes a 4 day weekend for a summer vacation? 

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Jaanza said...

I was so happy to see Anderson back on 360!
Then I was so disappointed with 360's news stories.

Admittedly, I did not watch much of them. The first story on 'rehab racket' might have been an awesome investigative report. However, I didn't believe it should have been the first news story so I checked out Hayes.

Hayes, who's not even in the ballpark when it comes to adorability, had more interesting news including politics, Pope Francis, shaming Foxnews and a very smart and very relevant report and panel on fast-food minimum wage protests that included two minimum wage workers, an expert and Rep. Maloney.

Anderson had crime stories, Bulletins and the Ridiculist. Is this 360's new direction? Is this what every viewer except me wants?

Thanks for the article from the NYPost. Scary stuff and I hope Hausner gets put away for as long as possible.

Sad news about Abra Stokowski; I blame Kim Kardashian.

aries moon said...

Snowden is a traitor, a criminal and a coward whose background and past leave a lot to be desired and examined. His father and lawyer clearly had an agenda, an ax to grind against the Obama Administration and Eric Holder--you could hear the anger and disdain for both as he talked, in addition to a great deal of arrogance and an overly inflated ego. It's obvious where his son gets his sense of entitlement from. Anderson didn't give Snowden's dad and the lawyer much of a challenge and didn't ask tough questions about Snowden's actions, but that's no surprise considering that the AC360 team appear to have no love for the Obama Administration either--therefore Snowden's father gets a platform to freely malign them just like too many others have on 360. Snowden is no hero in my book.

Can't stand to watch anything Drew Griffin is involved in.

Bizarre non-360 news for AC over the weekend. The stalker problem seems to be resolved. The 's*x'
tape situation is equally odd if it's true. Why would she want to do that?

aries moon said...

I don't know why 360 insists on airing trivial and not very interesting reports--there's so much they report on that has little relevance to most people's lives--who cares about a jewel heist? The underage prostitution story may be sad, but there is so much happening in this country that is equally sad regarding political/economic policy that will affect millions for decades--360 never touches those kinds of reports. Is it simply a case of counter-programming or simply being lazy, disinterested and out of touch? MSNBC does a much better job of reporting on stories that impact ordinary people. 360 needs to step up its game.

Wonz said...

I found the interview with Snowden's dad pathetic. What happened to him begging his son to come home? Anderson didn't push back in the interview at all. When Anderson asked if Russia would be a good fit given their record of spying and government control of information - and Snowden's dad named off other countries he was trying to get to, but the U.S. was stopping him, Anderson didn't push back that those countries have pretty much the same policies as Russia.

While I agree that the country needs to have a discussion about NSA policies, and Snowden's father was right about the media picking up the wrong narrative on the story, he contributed to that narrative by being on AC360 last night and doing nothing but bash President Obama and Eric Holder. What about Congress and their recent action or should I say inaction? I'm tired of Anderson and AC360 giving people a platform to bash the current administration. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to have Jeffrey Toobin chime in after the interview with regard to some of the statements Snowden's lawyer was making. Or better yet, how about reporting on the Congressional hearings in D.C. instead of having Snowden's dad and Greenwald on spouting their personal narrative? How about some investigative reporting on what's going on in Congress and how partisan politics are preventing the will of the people from being heard.

I'm over all their investigative reports. Drew Griffin may be a nice guy, but the reports are boring and uninteresting and never on a topic I care about.

Seems like CNN is changing to an alternative news and crime network. Gone are the days when I looked forward to AC360 because it was informative, intelligent and relevant.