Monday, August 19, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 8/19/13

Follow up discussion with Foster and Anderson Cooper

PRINCESS DIANA MURDER CLAIM: Erin McLaughlin reporting
Follow up discussion with CNN's Katie Nocholl and Lana Marks, friend of the Princess

FACING DOWN A WALL OF FLAMES: Gary Tuchman reporting


EGYPT SECURITY FORCES MAKE BIG ARREST: Anderson and Nick Paton Walsh reporting

Follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Kelly Phelps




Anderson has added a speaking engagement to his Fall calendar, this one at the University of Texas at Arlington:
Monday, Nov. 11, 2013: “An Evening With Anderson Cooper“; 7:30 p.m., College Park Center. Tickets available Oct. 3.


The beautiful Isha Sesay married Leif Coorlim, executive editor of The CNN Freedom Project, in a gorgeous wedding in Atlanta on Saturday. You can read more at Huff Po or

And one more, tweeted by Don Lemon:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Mixed feelings about Prince William and his son being the lead story. Anderson mentioned more serious news at the start but first ***new photos of the royal baby***!!! And Prince William changed a nappy!!! Very fluffy news followed by re-hashing conspiracy theories that Princess Diana was murdered. I watched because I'm curious and interested in the British royal family even though I think the report should have been placed later in the show,

There was a good variety of news and I saw most of the show except for the Egypt report. I glanced at Hayes during a commercial break and he started a report and interview about U.S. intervention in MidEast affairs (most notably installing the Shah in Iran 60 years ago). My DH wanted to see that report.

In the segment on Oscar Pistorius I was distracted by Kelly Phelps' poor lighting. Shallow me but little irks like that disconcert my mind. I liked Toobin's comment ' might not have been premeditated murder but to shoot at a closed door is still criminally negligent." I wish there had been time to discuss Pistorius' mindset and if he could simply be charged with criminal negligence.

The Ridiculist started out great but then fell down by repeating 911 callls we've heard too many times already.

aries moon said...

Anderson was chewed out on Twitter for 360's Royals coverage--if he's at all defensive about it, I'd like to think it's because he knows it's not something they should be reporting on at all, let alone making it the lead story and following up with conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana. Egypt should've been the lead. None of the other stories were interesting to me. There doesn't seem to be any point in hoping 360 gets better because some of us have had the same complaints for years--I guess an occasional outstanding show here and there is all that can be expected of them. I'm still holding out hope that 360 Later will really be worthwhile viewing.

Lovely pictures of the newlywed Isha.

Phebe said...

@aries moon, 'An occasional outstanding show here and there' pretty much says it all. What has happened to 360 and to our beloved anchorman? We here at ATA have been holding on my a thread and I'm afraid without more content and caring in the production of 360 we're going to have to reexamine our nightly blogging. It's truly become torture to watch 360's decline in content and their penchant for re-airing stories, seemingly just to fill airtime. I blame some of it on directives from higher up, like the Prince George story (it was a big get for CNN) but the sheer laziness of some of the other content is so frustrating.
And @jaanza I missed the beginning of The Ridiculist and thought they’d just run out of ideas and were now resorting to repeating The List, as they do with so many other items on 360. You’re so right, the 911 calls may have been funny the first time or two but now it just seems lazy to continue to use them.

As I alluded to above we are considering making changes to ATA once again. If you’ve got opinions or suggestions please let us know. We do this for our readers and it used to be a joy but more and more it is becoming an exercise in frustration.

aries moon said...

@Phebe, I had a feeling that ATA may have been considering more changes or perhaps stopping altogether and frankly, I can't blame you for all of the reasons you've stated.

I love this blog and have enjoyed it for many years, but I feel for you all doing the work of putting it together when the show it covers isn't always worth covering. Maybe you could forgo the nightly blogging and only blog the shows that you feel Anderson and the 360 staff really put an effort into or one that had an especially compelling guest or interview. I've noticed over the years that the long-time viewers and readers of ATA tend to agree when 360 stands out, so what you like will probably be what we all like as well. Most nights now I'm usually completely bored when AC gives the rundown of the show at the top of the hour because most of the topics just don't hold my attention. They could do better, but I'm not sure they care enough about the program to do consistently high quality work any longer.

Phebe said...

@aries moon We're a bunch of stubborn old broads and although we're close to calling 'uncle' we're going to muddle through until our vacation at the end of this month. Then we'll discuss our options and come up with a plan for moving forward. The suggestion you mentioned is very similar to the path I think we'll take.

Jaanza said...

Oh! I forgot to mention Isha and her beautiful wedding and that gorgeous gown. I hope she has a happy happy marriage and thanks ATA for the photos.

I don't know what to say about the quality of 360. Did it start when the daytime show started and still hasn't recovered? Will it never recover now that Anderson will be hosting the later roundtable discussion show?

As Aries Moon stated, there are outstanding shows occasionally. Overall the only problem with Monday's 360 was the line-up of stories. If Princes William and George was the last story that would have changed everyone's opinion.

ATA I appreciate the hard work all of you do for this website and hope it continues. Have a grand time on your upcoming vacation to wherever. I'm guessing Edinburgh Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Selfishly, it would be so sad to see ATA close its doors, but I certainly understand the frustration of what used to be a passion for something turn into a chore. I too have not been riveted by recent 360 shows, but I'm hoping the roundtable will actually be a breath of fresh air. Either way, this blog has been a wonderful community to share with. Thanks for all of it!
- J.