Thursday, August 01, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 08/01/2013

ARIEL CASTRO GETS LIFE IN PRISON + 1,000 YEARS:  Anderson Cooper and Pamela Brown reporting

CASTRO, "I AM NOT A MONSTER. I AM SICK":  Anderson Cooper's follow up discussion with Jeff Toobin, Mark Geragos, Mary Ellen O'Toole and Dr. Drew

ED SMART SPEAKS OUT:  Anderson Cooper's interview with Ed Smart and Rebecca Bailey (Family psychologist)

ARIEL CASTRO'S NEIGHBORS SPEAK OUT:  Report by Randi Kaye and follow up with Anderson

EDWARD SNOWDEN'S FATHER SPEAKS OUT:  Anderson Cooper talks to Lon Snowden and Bruce Fein, his lawyer

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:  When I saw Lon Snowden and Bruce Fein on AC360 again tonight I wanted to bang my head on the desk, but that would have just made my head hurt!   For all the talk from the above duo and Glenn Greenwald (who apparently is only appearing on AC360/CNN these days because other media has backed off from him) about the need to have the discussion on the alleged "spying" by the NSA - and I agree it is a discussion we need to have along with the data being gathered by companies and internet sites, etc. - AC360 has done zero investigative reporting on the issue.  Instead we hear about Medicare fraud in the state of California.  Perhaps instead of giving Lon Snowden and company a platform to bash the "current administration" they could have a reporter covering the hearings in Washington, DC - and not a politician, but an actual unbiased reporter.  Perhaps the 360 staff could be scouring the information Ed Snowden has released and Anderson could report on it's contents - thus informing the public vs. giving one side a platform night after night.  I think the final straw for me tonight was when Bruce Fein said is was time for the "patriots to save us from this administration" and there was no challenge what-so-ever from Anderson.    Not sure what happened to the Anderson Cooper that stood up to Mary Landrieu, but he's been missing for a long time now.  - Wonz.

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Jaanza said...

I knew a lot of 360 would be about Ariel Castro; so was Hayes' first segment. On 360 I would have had two panels, one for Toobin and Geragos for the legal discussion and one for O'Toole and Dr. Drew for the psychological discussion. I liked O'Toole, especially for her comment " want them to talk even though your head is spinning like in 'The Exorcist'." but also agree with Geragos that it was perverse. The Randi Kaye report on the neighbors was not needed.

Coincidentally, Anderson and Hayes had their segments about Snowden at the same time. I watched Hayes because he talked to a human rights activist and to a former NSA analyst. Anderson had Lon Snowden for the umpteenth time and we already knew exactly what he was going to say.

Wonz, totally agree with your take on Lon Snowden and the attorney and the softball treatment they've been getting from Anderson.

I stayed with Hayes because in his last segment he interviewed David Remnick about Snowden, Putin and Russia. Remnick wrote the book "Lenin's Tomb" about the last days of the USSR, it's a great read and I strongly recommend it.

Tomorrow, other news! Politics! International affairs! Gay athletes vs. Russia! Goofy dogs! Anything but crime stories!

aries moon said...

The first night Lon Snowden and Fein were on 360, I'd heard enough--I agree with everything Wonz says in the commentary but I don't think Anderson ever has any intention of challenging anyone who has something negative to say about the Obama Administration considering the platforms he's given to OA critics such as Nungesser, Adjami, Giuliani, McCain and now Snowden and Fein--it seems that there can't be a fair and balanced take on 360 regarding the Obama Administration these days and that possibly might be exactly the way AC wants it for whatever reason (Benghazi?).

On Tuesday night I think Chris Hayes had on Greenwald at the same time 360 had Lon Snowden, so I couldn't even switch over to watch him instead of AC that night! Ugh.

There was a great deal of time spent analyzing Ariel Castro, with four reports on the one topic and a variety of guests speaking on the subject--if 360's staff can throw all of that together, what's preventing them from doing the kind of reporting that Wonz suggested? As bad as I feel about what happened to the young women in Ohio, it has always been mainly a local story that doesn't warrant the type of national attention its gotten--there are more important subjects out there that have serious implications for this entire country, but 360 never covers them. Human interest type stories seem to be the ones they go all out for and little else.