Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, 08/13/2013

SOURCE, CODE WORDS IN AL QAEDA INTERCEPTS RAISED "GREAT CONCERN":   Report by Anderson Cooper and discussion with Philip Mudd (former senior official, CIA and FBI), Fran Townsend and Peter Bergen

INSIDE THE SEARCH FOR HANNA ANDERSON:  U.S. Marshal, Steve Jurman's interview with a CNN affiliate

ANTI-GAY LAWS, VIOLENCE IN RUSSIA:  Anderson speaks with Phil Black who is in Moscow
OLYMPIC BOYCOTT OVER RUSSIA'S ANTI-GAY LAWS?:  Anderson Cooper's interview with Greg Louganis, Olympic Diving Gold Medalist   and   Anderson's follow up discussion with Richard Socarides, Democratic Strategist

BREAKING NEWS, LOUISIANA BANK HOSTAGE STANDOFF:  Anderson speaks with Col. Michael Edmonson, Superintendent - Louisiana State Police by phone

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

DEBATE OVER MEDICAL MARIJUANA:  Anderson and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss Sanjay's documentary "Weed"

INSIDE A SINKHOLE:  Report by David Mattingly


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1 comment:

Jaanza said...

The first report on Al Queda started out feeling a lot like the 'same old same old' so I watched Hayes' report on the lawsuit against the new North Carolina voter ID law.

However, Anderson's second segment was great. I was hoping he'd look at the gay athletes vs Russia issue and he delivered with a great segment. How perfect was it to talk to Greg Louganis? Anderson, '...so will you wear a rainbow pin or wave a flag?' Louganis, "I probably would." I don't want the U.S. to boycott the Sochi Olympics, I want the athletes to show up and make a statement. Loved it when Richard Socarides agreed about athletes protesting with pins or flags and his parallel to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. And heavens to murgatroid! How long has it been since 360 had a Democratic anybody on the show?

Anderson talking to Sanjay Gupta about changing his mind on marijuana and his documentary 'Weed' felt like filler. Last week substitute Blitzer already did this interview with Gupta.

I liked the report on Florida sinkholes with the geologist. Very informative and of course I took a personal interest because of the sinkhole in my driveway. In case anyone is interested, though the hole on the surface is about the size of a loaf of bread, the hole inside was about a foot wider in each direction and about 8" - 10" deep. It's now filled with rocks and dirt and will be topped off with asphalt patch. I hope that's it and it won't get bigger.

So what do other people think about an Olympic boycott? About weed? About drunken idiots ini the background of live TV news? About me wasting time and space on the ATA continuum to talk about my own personal sinkhole?