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Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 08/21/2013

BREAKING NEWS, 911 CALL FROM SCHOOL, 'HE SAYS HE DOESN'T CARE IF HE DIES':  Anderson Cooper plays the 911 call from school bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuff and follow up discussion with Martin Savidge, Chris Mohandie and Jeff Gardere

LEFT FOR DEAD: Report by Anderson Cooper
OKLA. SHOOTING VICTIM LEFT FOR DEAD:  Report by Randi Kaye and follow up discussion with Anderson
"HE WAS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON I EVER MET":  Anderson Cooper interviews Sarah Harper, Chris Lane's girlfriend


STUNNING TWIST IN HANNAH ANDERSON KIDNAPPING CASE: Stephanie Elam and Anderson Cooper reporting

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

From the NYPost ~

It was just a crush: Anderson Cooper 'stalker' defense 

The mouthy loon accused of stalking Anderson Cooper told cops not to worry — he just had a harmless “crush” on the hunky anchor, according to court papers released today.

“I have a crush on Anderson, he is not in any danger,” Alex Hausner reassured a detective after he was arrested July 27.

“You’re hot,” he claimed Cooper told him when they passed each other in Union Square back in 2007. The fleeting compliment sparked a “mutual crush," he insisted.

It’s Cooper’s boyfriend, East Village bar owner Benjamin Maisani, who might have a thing or two to worry about from the Far Rockaway former psychiatric patient.

The deluded Hausner, 40, told cops that Maisani is threatened by his budding romance, delusional as it may be, with the silver-haired newsman.

“Not guilty at all!” Hausner announced at his Manhattan Supreme Court arraignment today on felony menacing, stalking and harassment charges. “These charges are nonsense.”

He then railed against Maisani in one of many emotional outbursts.

“As far as Mr. Maisani is concerned I’ve done nothing to him,” he declared. “He wants me out of the way and he’s trumping up charges.”

In the most recent incident, Hausner showed up at Cooper’s converted firehouse and kicked the red lacquered front door repeatedly yelling. “I swear to f—king God, don’t insult me,” he shouted. “I’m going to f—k you up!”

At least five times during the court appearance, Judge Daniel Conviser urged the impassioned Hausner to let his attorney speak on his behalf.

“You may say something that is harmful to your case,” the judge warned but it was to no avail.

Prosecutor Rachel Ehrhardt said that Hausner is captured on video threatening Maisani and that he called CNN the day before he was arrested.

“He stated to the head of security there ‘that if you want a war, war is about to come, the worst is about to come,’ These are extremely threatening statements,” Ehrhardt explained.

The nutjob believes the anchorman sends him subliminal messages through his telecast.

Conviser ordered a psychiatric examination and remanded Hausner who is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Cooper’s legal representative, Jason Berland, declined to comment.

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Brian Westley said...

Another 360, another day I'm confused by what news stories get on the show, when they get on and how much time they are given.

The news of the 911 call from the Georgia school, which had a very scary gunman in the building but no fatalities, had the first two segments. The news of the chemical warfare attacks in Syria with possibly 1000 dead and allegations the rebels did it and implications for the future of the country, got on the air at :45 past and given roughly four minutes.

I just checked The release of the 911 tape from the Georgia school is big and front and center. The possibility of chemical warfare in Syria is far below, but the top story, in the 'World' segment of the website. It made me feel that CNN as a whole believe the average U.S. viewer doesn't care about international news.

This wouldn't be a huge problem if there was no place else to turn to at 8. But there's Hayes covering Syria, talking to Richard Engel and Rula Jebreal and doing a good job.

Yesterday, Aries Moon mentioned the Twitter feed. The AC360 site does include recent Twitter comments but I can't read it during the show (the cable TV is far from my computer). Do many/most/some of the Twitter commenters have the same complaints we see here on ATA?

Thanks for the article on Anderson's stalker; good to hear he'll remain behind bars for a while longer.

Jaanza said...

I'm posting again because when I clicked to publish, the website told me I'd have to sign in after submitting the comment. Right after I clicked to publish, my husband's name popped up as if I was on his Google Account all along. This is me - Jaanza - and I wrote the above comment.

Joyce said...

Great broadcast tonight!

aries moon said...

@Brian Westley, generally when 360 tweets a less than serious report as their top story for the night, there are a lot of complaints about it on Twitter and sometimes the concerns are similar to what we say here--that 360 seems to be missing the boat when it comes to story selection.