Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper's Interview with Antoinette Tuff

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST: Tonight, prepare to laugh, cry and be inspired by a remarkable woman, a 360 exclusive -- my interview with Antoinette Tuff, who lovingly -- that's right -- lovingly persuaded a would-be mass killer into giving himself up inside a Georgia school. Antoinette saved countless number of lives of kids and police officers. And despite being held at gunpoint, still feels compassion for the man who could have killed her.   In fact, she tells me tonight, she still wants to maintain a connection with him.

My in-depth conversation with her.

.....There is so much more that we talked about. And we're really going to be playing this interview for most of this hour, because, you know, often in news, we focus on the negative and so many people say they want to hear, you know, positive things when they happen.   I just think this woman is extraordinary and has a message that all of us -- all of us need to hear in these difficult times.

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Anderson's piece on swimming with the Nile Crocodiles will re-air.  If you missed it check your local listings and click here to see our ATA post from the original airing!

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