Saturday, August 31, 2013

From the ATA Archieves: Anderson Cooper's Hurricane Katrina Coverage Highlights

Today we look back at some of our favorite reports from Anderson Cooper during his Hurricane Katrina Coverage.

After covering several hurricanes, you start to know what to expect. At first the winds pick up gently. Then it starts to rain. Your fancy Gore-Tex clothing keeps you dry for about thirty minutes; then the water starts to seep in. Within an hour you're completely wet. Your feet slosh around in your boots, and your hands are wrinkled and white. If you've ever wondered what your skin will look like when you're eighty-five, try standing in a hurricane for a few hours. ... Katrina comes ashore at 6:10a.m., on Monday... - Anderson Cooper

We start out with Anderson reporting from Baton Rouge:


ANDERSON GETS EMOTIONAL ON AIR (something we at ATA feel set his reporting apart and made it so relatable):   Just as we come back from commercial break, a pickup truck drives by. In the back a young man with a trucker hat holds up a tattered American flag. He salvaged it from the wreckage. He's tired and worn, but proud of that flag, proud that he and his family are still standing. We don't speak -- he is too far away -- but I look him in the eye and we nod to each other. In his face I think I detect betrayal and anger, but also strength and resolve. I'm on the air, but I find my self tearing up. My throat tightens;I'm almost unable to speak. I quickly try to move on to another story, and hope no one has noticed.  - Anderson Cooper

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK, Grim Discoveries:


REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK, Waveland 30 Days Later:

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK, Witness To Destruction:   I don't think we should forget what we have seen. I know those of us who were here never will. - Anderson Cooper

In 2010, on the 5th Anniversary of Katrina, and last year we posted extensive "look back" posts from the ATA achieves.  If you missed them or would like to see them again, please click on the links below ~

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~ The ATA Team

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aries moon said...

Thank you for this remembrance of AC's Katrina coverage. It's been many years but the work he did still stands out and I can vividly recall watching all of the reports that are posted here and others and they are as powerful today as they were then. I'm often disappointed with 360 and AC's reporting these days, but I do believe he is still capable of stellar reporting such as this if he puts his mind to it.