Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & 360 Later Thursday, 09/19/2013

8:00PM  AC360:
*Same company did background checks on Navy Yard Shooter & Snowden
*Syria/chemical weapons
*John McCain's war of words with Putin (because AC360 wouldn't be complete without giving Sen. McCain a platform once a week)
*Republicans try to shutdown government (Republican leaning panel)
*Bodies in lake may crack two cold cases
*Teenagers trash former NFL player's home
*New details on the abducted teenage girl found alive
*360 Bulletin - Susan Hendricks
*THE RIDICULIST -  Vodka-Swilling Baby Eater

10:00PM  AC360 LATER:
Topics:  Pope Francis' recent remarks, possible government shut down, Syrian solution, Miley Cyrus (shameless Piers Morgan promotion) and lesser topics of the day in the last five minutes
Panel:  Andrew Sullivan, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Cornell Belcher and Sebastian Junger



At next week’s Advertising Week throughout New York City, CNN’s Anderson Cooper will interview his boss Jeff Zucker at a panel presented by, no surprise, Time Warner. They will discuss how social media has impacted the news cycle.

Anderson Cooper to highlight PSU event

(Portland, Ore.) September 13, 2013 — CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper will be the distinguished guest speaker at Portland State University’s 14th annual Simon Benson Awards Dinner on October 22. More than 1,700 people are expected to attend the gala honoring alumni and philanthropists.

Cooper anchors the CNN news show, Anderson Cooper 360°, and reports for CBS’s 60 Minutes. He has covered major events around the world—from the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, to political uprisings in the Middle East to the aftermaths of earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. Before joining CNN, Cooper was an ABC News correspondent, anchoring ABC’s World News Now, reporting for World News Tonight and 20/20 and hosting the network’s reality program, The Mole.

Tom Brokaw of NBC News originally was scheduled to speak at the dinner but had to cancel due to a serious back injury.

“I've developed a painful, complicated back condition,” Brokaw said in a prepared statement. “Unfortunately, for the short term, my travel is restricted by order of the doctors. I wish the event great success and hope to return to Portland in the future.”

Cooper is expected to provide a fascinating perspective on national and international events and will add an intriguing new element to the evening—moderated questions and answers.

“We were sorry to hear about Mr. Brokaw's injury, but we're all very excited to have Anderson Cooper coming to our university," said Wim Wiewel, president of PSU. "Here is a guy that has been around the world, lived through some of the most significant events of our time, and is still doing it. It's a fantastic opportunity for our community.”

For tickets, contact Danielle Cox, 503-725-2652,

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Jaanza said...

I got to 360 a few minutes late, when Anderson and Jim Sciutto were talking about if Syria moved chemical weapons. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have checked out MSNBC but now it's kind of automatic. I stayed there for Hayes' report on the GOP and Obamacare and the possible government shutdown. When he went to commercial, I was back on CNN but there was McCain. Nope.

The second segment on GOP/Obamacare/shutdown was pretty good. The panel - John King, Gloria Borger, Ana Navarro - was fairly even-keeled. I did not notice earlier that Navarro was a former McCain advisor. My favorite comment was from Borger concerning the GOP taking back the Presidency and needing independents to do so, "you have to win independents and independents don't like government shutdowns." Anderson was wrapping up the panel when Navarro forced in the last word, claiming 'Obamacare is increasingly unpopular' and 'the Democrats' problem will soon be the problem for all of us.' And Anderson let her have the extra time.

Randi Kaye has never been one of my favorite reporters and Thursday she went down a dozen more notches. In her report on Holloway's (the former NFL player) house trashed by twittering teenagers, Kaye said "They TEARED the house apart." TEARED??? REALLY??? I learned in 4th grade the past tense of 'tear' is 'tore'. And this was not live, it was a taped piece that not only could have been fixed before broadcast but probably went across a few pairs of ears (at least a segment producer) before completion.

Also, a commercial bumper by Anderson earlier implied the focus of the report would be the anger of the teenagers' parents for Holloway shaming the Twittering kids on Twitter. In Kaye's report that was barely mentioned. After the report, Anderson talked to Kaye and joked about it. And they both laughed like it was real funny. And that irritated me because it was totally the wrong tone to take.

It's good to see that Pope Francis' remarks about gays and abortion got more time on 'Later'; I'll have to try to catch that on the website.

aries moon said...

I generally like when AC discusses pop culture, but I don't think it's a good fit for 360 Later--it throws off the flow of the show and the panel and AC seem to be embarrassed/reluctant to go in that direction. I guess it depends on who's on the panel but it just doesn't feel right to make a segway from Syria to Miley Cyrus and have people like Ann Marie Slaughter having to talk about it--it's just odd and out of place. If they're going to do it, they should put it at the very end of the show and move up the lesser reported stories in the news--it would give them more time to talk about it. Other than that, it was a good show, with strong segments on Pope Francis/Syria/government shutdown/Obamacare.

Regarding Randi Kaye, she's way overused on 360--how about bringing in different reporters. ? It seems like she does EVERY story.