Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & 360 Later, Tuesday 9/23/13

8:00 PM AC360
*Iran and the opening of the UN
* Kenya Mall Attack
* Follow up on Baby Veronica returned to her adoptive family
* Follow up on Florida man killed by a police car

Here's a link to excerpts from Amanpour's interview with Iran President Hassan Rouhani. The full interview will air on Amanpour Wednesday at 2 & 5 PM ET on CNNi.  

10:00 PM AC360 Later
* Iran and Rouhani
* The Senate/Affordable Health Care Act/Government funding
* Update on Kenya Mall Attack
* Death of Blackberry (nice to see Richard Quest join the discussion) 

The last few minutes of the hour was 'What's Your Story?'.  Both Anderson and John King talk about their fathers:

Anderson mentions finding the audio recordings of his father that are posted at ArtonAir.com.  Here are the links to those recordings:

More photos on social media from Anderson's Cleveland appearance this weekend:

And a picture we missed that was posted last week when Nick Symmonds did an interview with Anderson last week:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

There were a couple of things I liked in Tuesday's 360 but the first segment wasn't one of them. Instead I watched Hayes' report on Sen. Cruz and his worthless non-filibuster filibuster. Hayes also had good talks with Sen. Merkley (D-OR), Robert Reich and Suzy Khimm.

I did see the end of Anderson's panel with Amanpour, Gergen and Doran. Anderson was just about to go to commercial when Amanpour jumped in with more to say and that made Anderson ask Gergen another question. That sort of thing must drive the director nuts. The director has the show mapped out with how much time is spent on each report and an unexpected monkey wrench in a live panel can throw everything off and then we don't get the planned Ridiculist.

Anderson and Kenyan reporter Nima Elbagir had a great talk about the Nairobi mall violence. This was followed by a lengthy report by David McKEnzie about 'The White Widow' even though it's not certain she participated in the mall siege.

At a commercial bumper Anderson previewed an upcoming report on Sen.Cruz's speech and implied lots of questions would be answered. Following the commercial break, Cruz was the first story in the Bulletin. I felt like Cruz's grandstanding attention-begging unproductive 'filibuster' deserved more time. I would even watched Ari Fleischer to see if he could have put a positive spin on it.

The best part of Randi Kaye's report on Marlon Brown's death by police car report was the discussion with Dr. Bill Manion that came later. Best question: Anderson asked Manion how long it took for Brown to suffocate underneath the police car; Manion "One or two minutes to lose consciousness." The family should take THAT info to the grand jury.

I liked the end of the second Bulletin when Anderson and Isha bantered about Burger King vs. McDonalds. Then Anderson said the Ridiculist was coming up which surprised me considering the time on the clock. Yup, Anderson came back and said 'no time for Ridiculist, here's Piers Morgan". That's Amanpour's fault.

aries moon said...

Howard Dean really schooled the AC360 Later panel on Obamacare.