Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Wednesday, 09/25/2013

8:00PM ET - AC360:
*Rehab racket
*Senator Cruz's strategy backfires
*New information on Navy Yard shooting
*Rapist released
*Coach suspends entire football team
*360 Bulletin - Isha Sesay
*The RidicuList - The McEverything

10:00PM ET - AC360 Later:
*Sen. Ted Cruz out of control
*AIG bonuses/anger and apology
*Iran Pres. Rouhani's comments about the Holocaust
*Dr. Drew's cancer fight
*Fake review crackdown


As we posted last week, Anderson moderated a panel that included his boss, Jeff Zucker, at AdWeek.  The event took place late Tuesday afternoon at Time Warner Center and @GuestofGlass posted the following photo on Twitter ~

From  A few hours ago, I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for Madonna's secretprojectrevolution, a 17-minute short film made in conjunction with Steven Klein that's meant to address discrimination and injustice in the world.  (please click on link for more photos and details about the event)  Anderson was also in attendance after AC360 Later and the following photos were posted to their website. ~ had some of the same photos and these two additional ones ~


EXTRA aired this short segment about the event today ~

Anderson has added another speaking engagement to his calendar; this time in St. Paul, MN ~

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Jaanza said...

I was seven minutes late. Anyone have a good reason why Drew Griffin's report 'Rehab Racket' was the first story? I watched Hayes cover Cruz, GOP & Obamacare instead.

Which was Anderson's second story. I liked the clips of some of the dopier parts of Cruz's speech and the clips of various Republicans and Democrats dissing Cruz. Anderson's interview with Rep. King was more dissing. Without Gingrich I would have watched the panel which included Bash and Gergen but we can't have Gingrich in this house.

While Anderson and Joe Johns reviewed the Navy Yard shooting tapes, I was watching Hayes' remarks on the irony of Cruz reading 'Green Eggs and Ham' and how rich a metaphor it was. I also found out that Dr. Seuss used to be a political cartoonist.

The interview with Auliea Hanlon was good and I hope the teacher/rapist gets more time in jail.

The best part of the Coach Suspends Team report was the fact that the parents backed and supported the coach's decision. I totally expected the opposite since they let their sons get so douchbaggery iin the first place.

I was going to say something about Anderson and Madonna schmoozing together but then I was totally blown away by the news Anderson is coming to St. Paul!!! Heavens to Murgatroyd!!! The Temple of Aaron is less than 2 miles from my house!!! I'll have to try for the $50 General Admission ticket but if I win the lottery anytime soon I'll spring for the $2500 VIP cocktail party with Anderson. I'm just so surprised because although St. Paul is a perfectly nice city, it's rather quiet and boring compared to New York City or Los Angeles or any other high-falutin places Anderson could go instead. I hope he has nice memories of my city from the 2008 Republican convention and will have more after this event.

aries moon said...

The AC360 Later panel tonight was one of the best since the show started. It was great listening to Frank Bruni and Matt Taibbi talk politics and Wall Street--even Geragos had some insightful comments. Christianne Amanpour was right about how the world looks at US politics and how the voters just want them to get something done. These are the types of guests the show needs to always seek out--really smart, reputable commentators who know their stuff. It really makes this show stand out. I haven't been checking the ratings on it because I'm sure I'll be disappointed, but I hope it's doing well enough to keep going because when they get it right, it's probably the best thing CNN has to offer right now.

As far as AC360 goes, it seems that Newt Gingrich has replaced Ari Fleischer as the irritating/irrelevant right wing rep. I had to laugh when Newt criticized President Obama--Newt's not even fit to speak his name or shine his shoes.

I guess Anderson's the only person at CNN who gets invited to Madonna's events. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

Anonymous said...

I really like the new show AC360 Later. The guests overall have been excellent. Ana Navarro didn't add much and I hope she is not invited back. Anderson and Christiane are both so interesting.

aries moon said...

I agree with the other commenters about Ana Navarro, I was trying not to say anything about her because I'm ALWAYS criticizing conservatives on AC360 and I feel like I'm not exactly being balanced or objective about them or giving them a fair shake but maybe it's just not possible to do that! There are some reasonable conservatives out there and Navarro isn't as heinous as some others but I still could do without seeing her on the show--unfair but I can't help it.

Anonymous said...

I think AC360 Later is starting to improve into a pretty interesting program. I liked Howard Dean and the way he schooled the panel on Obamacare Tuesday night.

I found it rather surprising that on neither AC360 or AC360 Later was the irony of the selection of "Green Eggs and Ham" being read by Sen Cruz brought up. The main character in the book is a stubborn person who decides he doesn't like something he's never tried, but once he tries it has to admit that he likes it. I have a feeling that was lost on the panels who seemed to keep stating the Sen. Cruz was an intelligent and highly educated man. I hope the panel realizes there's a difference between being intelligent and highly educated. Sen. Cruz may be highly educated but based on his selection of books to read on the senate floor, I'm not convinced he's intelligent.

I'm tired of CNN using AC360 to promote their other programs. Newt is a perfect example and he's a turn off as is the overuse of David Gergen and the like. Certianly there are fresh new voices the bookers could find if they would do a little research instead of hitting speed dial. I'm glad we are starting to see some different faces on AC360 Later, but AC360 is the same tired few.

Last night's AC360 seem to be a mix of segments that were recorded for Tuesday night's program, but didn't make the cut and some from yesterday. Either that or Anderson is amazingly fast with his wardrobe changes!

Would love to see Pres. Bill Clinton as a panel member on AC360 Later some week.


Anonymous said...

@Jenn: You will not see Anderson with Bill Clinton anytime soon.
Bill Clinton is too smart to be seen with Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton chose to be on Piers Morgan for a very good reason and the reason he chose it is because of the photos being shown here from:boyculture.
Yes, smart politicians KNOW who to talk to, and who NOT to talk to, no matter what they say.
Don't expect Cooper to get any good "gets" anytime soon....except maybe Madonna.