Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & AC360 Later Thursday, 09/26/2013

Not sure if Anderson was off to catch a plane for vacation or assignment; or perhaps attending a social event, but both AC360 and AC360 Later were taped earlier in the day.  Don't get me wrong, Anderson deserves vacation time and how he chooses to use it is his business, but CNN needs to get a sub instead of having all of prime time being taped (Piers Morgan was taped as well) if they are going to call themselves a news network.  And using the "breaking news" banner on a taped show borders on absurdity.

8:00PM ET - AC360:
*Latest on Kenya mall attack
*Rehab Racket re-hash and update
*Congress in crisis
*Rapist released after 1 month in jail
*New hope for Marissa Alexander (re-airing of an old Gary Tuchman interview/report)
*Costa Concordia shipwreck victims found
*360 Bulletin - Isha Sesay
*The RidicuList -Incredibeard (taped Wednesday night)

10PM ET - AC360 Later:
*Kenya mall attack
*Marissa Alexander case/getting new trial
*Racial segregation in sororities
*Barring paparazzi from children of celebrities
*What's your story - panel members share

One of tonight's panelists was Alison Stewart whom Anderson worked with at WNN.  They took a little trip down memory lane ~

Odds and ends we've missed along the way ~  Anderson reporting live from Washington, DC on September 16, 2013 ~

From Flickr - Anderson Cooper, Keynote Speaker at the Centennial Celebration for United Way of Greater Cleveland and The Center for Community Solutions100 years serving Greater Cleveland, Cleveland Convention Center. Photos: Marc Golub  ~

From the Daily News ~

Anderson Cooper’s stalker found mentally unfit for tria

(please click on link for the details)

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

There's not much I can say about Thursday's 360. I got a phone call 25 minutes before it started and didn't get off the phone until 15 minutes into the show. (Son was in a fender-bender in my car, no one hurt, just a hassle dealing with the insurance company.)

I didn't even notice it was all taped but I was in no mood for more of Drew Griffin's "Rehab Racket". Totally missed the segment on Congress. Other than Kyung Lah saying the Montana teacher-rapist wouldn't answer her questions, there was nothing new in this report. Instead of re-airing Gary Tuchman's report on Marissa Alexander, I wish Anderson had a talk with Geragos and Toobin about the appeal and what prosecuting attorney Corey said. In the report about the skeletons found in the newly upright Costa Concordia, I would have liked to see the uprighting video again.

Was the Bulletin also taped? Or a live one which is spliced into place? The Ridiculist was ho-hum; stupid beards just don't amuse me.

Oddly enough, I never checked out Hayes. I was just too frazzled by the insurance company to bother changing the channel.

Thanks for the video from 360 Later of Anderson and Allison Stewart talking about their time at WNN. Nice to see him from the early days but that cameraman's laugh was really annoying.

I was impressed to learn Matt Taibbi was on Later last night. Is there a way to find out who the Later panelists will be before the show starts?

aries moon said...

Drew Griffin's/360's investigative reports have some value if they're revealing corruption but they never cover subjects that interest me or seem all that relevant--I watched Chris Hayes having a combative interview with a Republican senator who blamed President Obama for the current stalemate--Hayes wasn't having it--he REALLY pushes back when these politicians make false statements--he tells them point-blank that they are wrong and presents the facts that back him up and then asks them to explain why they choose to take the stance they do. I wish AC would do what Hayes does with lying conservatives--he's capable of it--he's done it in the past on rare occasions, but reporters at CNN tend to treat them with kid gloves and allow them to make their false statements without a forceful challenge. Dana Bash reported on the possibility of the GOP forcing a government showdown as if it were a completely acceptable show of "principles" rather than an unprecedented, destructive tactic that will damage the country. That's bad journalism.

Glad to hear Marissa Alexander is getting a new trial.

AC360 Later was interesting, I liked seeing Alison Stewart and her book sounded fascinating and the topics were good, but I wish it had've been live. I think AC may have had a social thing going on. Cher was in town!

Anonymous said...

"Cher was in town."
Let's be clear about Cher.
Cher originally was very disheartened about her own son's dilema with his sexual identity.
It took her a very long time to "get over it."
So please do NOT put Cher in the same category as Madonna.
And it is about time Anderson started to act his age instead of acting like he and his friends were nine years old.
This too, does not give him a very positive image as a serious news person. Yes, his ratings and viewership will keep falling.