Friday, September 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 09/20/2013

*Budget/Debt Ceiling/Government shutdown - Republicans behaving badly
*Gun violence in Chicago - mass shooting last night (no one killed)
*Remembering one of the Navy Yard Shooting victims
*US & Iran
*White Supremacists trying to buy town in North Dakota
*360 Bulletin:  Susan Hendricks
*The RidicuList - iPHONE MANIA

BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:  Not sure why Anderson wasn't anchoring from Chicago tonight when one of the points brought up was how the media wasn't covering the violence in Chicago the way it was in DC, Newtown, etc.  The mass shooting took place last night and he certainly had time to hop a plane this morning and be in Chicago in plenty of time to gather some stories and attend the mayor's press conference at 6PM local/7PM ET before anchoring 360.   While Isiah Thomas was a good booking Father Pfleger is a controversial figure in Chicago, certainly there were better people to speak on the situation.  Instead almost all of tonight's AC360 seemed to be pre-taped with Anderson sitting in the studio doing live segues.  The press conference wasn't covered because the segments on the Chicago violence had already been recorded by the time it took place.  Guess promotion for Crossfire (Newt was on a panel) and Fareed's program on Sunday (he was on a different panel) and a filler report from Gary Tuchman were more important on this Friday night?


Nick Symmonds tweeted the following photo of himself with Anderson at CNN today ~

totalsportsus posted the following photo of Nick Symmonds on the set of AC360 on their Instagram page ~

haasruns was apparently with Nick Symmonds at CNN today and posted the following to his Instagram page.  Since the interview did't air tonight, not sure when or even IF if will air....

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Jaanza said...

360 had a good start on Friday; I really liked it when Anderson called the House budget bill which defunds Obamacare "a waste of time" and further pointing out that this is the 42nd attempt to end Obamacare and "...a negative outcome assured each time." Unfortunately, Anderson brought in Newt Gingrich and that meant switching to MSNBC. Hayes' sub (Sam Seder?) was covering the same topic but he had a few extras Anderson didn't. Sam had a graph showing that Obamacare was three times more popular than Congress. And Sam had three current politicians instead of some old coot who left Congress many moons ago but got on 360 by the sheer coincidence of being on another CNN program.

At broadcast time, I thought the segment on Chicago gun violence was pretty good. I didn't know Father Pfleger's past. Good to find out about that here. Also I did't notice how much of 360 was pre-taped.

I also didn't understand why a crackpot named Fred Cobb was given so much free publicity. But I'm glad Gary Tuchman showed a lot of the sad little town of Leith, like who would want to move there? And he talked to the one black guy in town. Leith is about 50 miles SW of Bismarck and 30 miles north of the South Dakota border. In other words, it's in the middle of nowhere. North Dakota is booming in the northwestern corner of the state with the oilfields but Leith is nowhere near that.

Sam the Hayes sub had a great segment on the $39 billion the GOP cut from food stamps, a piece of news that was never mentioned on 360 not even in the Bulletin. Did Anderson bring it up with Gingrich and I missed it?

Lastly, the Ridiculist was appropriately ridiculous. I agree it's stupid to go bonkers over the new iPhone. Personally, I survive just fine with my rinky-dink grade-B phone.

Now I have to find out who Nick Symmonds is.

aries moon said...

It's not often on 360 that you'll see a critical report on the dumb moves of the GOP--good first segment but Newt Gingrich's inclusion wasn't necessary, he is irrelevant and an idiot--why would the powers at be on CNN think anyone is interested in his opinion? The same goes for Giuliani who practically drowned out Fareed Zakaria in the Syria segment.

The gun violence in Chicago should be getting more attention but I suppose these news organizations feel their audience can't relate or care--maybe they think the deaths of African-Americans in the inner city just doesn't resonate with the larger audience and that is a tragedy in itself.

Didn't want to watch the racist town story--that sort of thing makes me too angry.

Chris Hayes was on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps nobody bothers to check TVN
as I do, but Anderson is NOT doing well in either spot.
His demo, on Thursday was, hello, 92,000.
I rarely watch him anymore. He sticks to what HE likes to do and HE books guests that suit him and don't challenge HIM.
So there isn't too much to watch.
The bright side, if there is one, is that nobody on cable is doing particularly well but CNN is just what Jon Stewart alluded to, "a joke."