Friday, September 13, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 9/13/13

* Colorado flooding
* New Jersey boardwalk fire
* Russia U.S. Syria talks
* Newlywed murder case
* Measles outbreaks
* Dogfighting Ring Rescue: Gary Tuchman reporting:

AC360 News & Business Bulletin: Randi Kaye


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Jaanza said...

Another mixed day on 360. The first report about the Colorado floods and NJ Boardwalk fire were good; Anderson had some nice interviews with local residents. However, this should have been the second snt.

Kerry meeting the Russians in Geneva to talk about the Syrian chemical weapon plan should have been first. I was impressed that Anderson got a former Clinton administration person, William Cohen, instead of McCain or the usual pundits. Cohen had reservations about the plan and talked how difficult it would be to do while a civil war raged in Syria. I didn't hear Anderson ask and I didn't hear Cohen offer, any other solutions. Later Anderson discussed the whole situation with Chris Lawrence.

I thought the segment on the newlywed cliff psuher was a waste of time. There was a little bit of new information about the first song dance at their wedding reception but most of the segment was review of old stuff.

Randi Kaye's report on the measles outbreak in Texas and the church which advocated no vaccinations was a repeat of her report about a week ago. Exact same report. Anderson talked with Sanjay Gupta about the outbreak but didn't ask the one question I wanted asked. How many of those unvaccinated kids were home-schooled? And don't all public schools demand vaccination verification?

I checked in with Hayes periodically and after the measles report stayed there because he had a very good panel discussion on generational differences on race and other social issues. This was spurred by a sorority at the University of Alabama which wanted a black member but alumnae forced her out. It was very interesting.

Nevertheless, I'm sure all the doggies in Gary Tuchman's report were good doggies and really cute.

The Ridiculist was okay. I was surprised Anderson had a new clip of a beauty contestant being stupid instead of re-using one of the old ones.