Monday, September 16, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 from Washington, DC 9/16/13

8:00 PM
Anderson anchored from Washington, DC site of today's Navy Yard shooting.  The bulk of the hour focused on the shooting and included reports by Randi Kaye, John King, Ed Lavendara, Bud Kennedy (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram), Drew Griffin and Peter Hamby and interviews with Shawn Henry (former FBI exec.asst. director),  CMDR. Kirk Lippold (Ret), Matt Maasdam (former Navy Seal), Kristi Suthamtewakul (friend of shooter) and Dr. Janis Orlwski.
The last few minutes of the 8:00 PM hour was devoted to coverage of the flooding in Colorado with a report by Kyung Lah

10:00 PM
Anderson opened the hour talking to John King, Shawn Henry and Drew Griffin as they waited for the news conference with Mayor Vincent Gray and other DC officials to begin. After the update we had reports by Joe Johns, Lavendar and Griffin and further discussion with Lippold.  Another of the shooters friends, Michael Ritrovato, was interviewed.

Blogger's commentary: In the past Anderson has said many times how tragic news such as this should focus on the victims, not the perpetrators.  Tonight's program was all about Aaron Alexis, including interviews with several of his friends and acquaintances. News of the victims was slow to be released because family members were still being notified.  Let's hope the focus turns from the gunman to those who lost their lives very quickly. 


@JayMcMichaelCNN  tweeted this pre program picture of Anderson with John King in the background:

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Jaanza said...

I missed most of the first half of 360 but figured it would all be about the shooting at the Washington DC Naval Yard. I"m glad Anderson made a little bit of room (a little more than 3 minutes) for the Colorado flood.

After Anderson let one of Aaron Alexis' friends go on and on about what a great guy Alexis was, Anderson did say he'd like to say more about the victims but their names had not been released yet.

It was great seeing Anderson in DC. Tapper and Blitzer usually broadcast from DC anyway, right? I wondered if the daytime show was still alive, which would Anderson choose? Stay in NYC and do 'Anderson Live' with crazy coupon deals or fly off to DC to be at scene of the crime. So it's a good thing the daytime show is over.