Monday, September 02, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 9/2/13

STRIKING SYRIA: Anderson Cooper reporting

MAKING THE CASE TO CONGRESS: Anderson talks with John King, William Kristol and Christiane Amanpour

STRIKE SYRIA? AC speaks with Tom Cole (R Oklahoma)

SYRIA ON THE BRINK: Panel of Fouad Ajami, Christopher Dickey,  Amanpour and Kristol

U.S. WARSHIPS READY IN POSITION: Chris Lawrence reporting
Follow up panel with Rt. Gen. Anthony Zinni, Christopher Preble, Ajami and Dickey




A picture was posted on Twitter by dschorr this weekend of Anderson's LI home.  It looks to us like the repairs necessitated by Hurricane Sandy are just about complete.

And we'll leave you with a 'Where in the World is Anderson Cooper?' To this blogger it didn't look like the typical lighting for his NY AC360 studio and there were no desk or long shots.  Could be he's traveling or maybe just using a different studio this evening.   

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aries moon said...

It's bad enough that they book Fouad Ajami but now we get Bill Kristol too? Two people with zero credibility. Preble, Zinni and Dickey were the only panelists worth listening to. Instead of interviewing another conservative such as Tom Cole (since conservative voices seem to dominate 360's panels) why couldn't they talk to a Democrat to find out their opinion on what's happening with Syria? Do they EVER try?

That L.I. place looks like the one that was remodeled and rented out for guests but I might be wrong.

I thought AC wasn't in NY as well.

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper had a bunch of neo-con losers on 360 Monday (who in the world thinks William Kristol is a legitimate voice, he is a joke) total anti-Obama vibe and Foad Adjami gets elevated over veteran (but decidedly war-mongering) Christianne Amanpour. Anderson may think the sun rises and sets on Adjami, but there are plenty of people who think he's a FOOL and an obvious Obama hater. AC360 must have some serious conservative producers/bookers (or it's what Anderson wants) working on the show because they choose the absolute WORST of the right wing bunch to bring on and try to push their agendas. Agendas the public is NOT in favor of. President Obama is worth TEN MILLION Foad Adjamis, but not in Anderson's view. There was one moment when he was talking to a conservative politician and you could practically SEE the contempt AC had for President Obama coming out of his pores. No wonder AC360 seems to have a "absolutely NO liberals" booking policy.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the anti-POTUS is all Anderson or CNN directed and AC360 staff loving conservatives. I had noticed an anti-POTUS across CNN when I was watching CNN other than AC360. I've read the staff tweets during AC360 and they are always praising and quoting the conservative guests - so I don't think it's all Anderson. I think their falling ratings have been reflected the change in partisan tone. War must be good for ratings because their guests always seem to be wanted us to get involved from a military standpoint.

I was so happy when President Obama announced on Saturday that he was taking the vote to Congress - something the AC360 pundits said wouldn't happen on Friday night. I would thing the pundits and staff would learn that President Obama is much more intelligent in matters of foreign affairs and slow to engage U.S. troops especially without a coalition. To me the interesting part of all this will be the vote in Congress because the Republicans will have to vote and share responsibility vs. heaping criticism out of both sides of their mouths on President Obama.

I didn't think it looked like the regular AC360 NYC studio either. Wonder if Anderson was traveling and mad that he had to work because POTUS didn't take military action over the weekend like the AC360 guests/pundits seemed to be implying that he would on Friday night.

Perhaps Anderson and the AC360 staff and bookers need to look at the times their cherished anti-POTUS guests and pundits have been flat out wrong and try to book a better level of guests. It may help the ratings if the discussion were of a diverse and intelligent nature.

Fouad Ajami is Wolf Blitzer's friend/professor. Perhaps The Situation Room is a better fit, if he has to be on CNN at all.

-- Jenn