Monday, September 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 9/23/13

8:00 PM: AC360
* Nairobi Mall Attack
* Possible Meeting of President Obama and Iran's President
* Police car runs over man and kills him

Isha Sesay


10:00 PM: AC360 LATER
* Nairobi Mall Attack
* Goverment shutdown & Affordable Health Care Act
* Is Hilary Clinton going to run for POTUS?
* The Pope's remarks

Pictures posted to social media this weekend when Anderson was in Cleveland for a speaking engagement:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

My DH wanted to watch the end of 'Twelve Monkeys' so I didn't get to 360 until :20 into the show. I was able to quickly check right at the start; both Anderson and Hayes were covering the Nairobi shooting/hostage situation.

Maybe it was getting to the show late but I couldn't get into it. Robert Baer and Maajid Nawaz ware having a seemingly smart discussion about the mall gunman but none of it really registered an impact with me. Same with Jim Sciutto talking about Obama and U.S./Iran relations.

The most interesting element in the Marlon Brown segment (the guy in Florida run over by police car) was the use of Jose Baez as an expert legal analyst. He called Brown's death "a tragic accident" while I was stuck thinking how being Casey Anthony's lawyer can propel you to become a legal analyst at a bigtime cable news network. And I didn't like it.

I liked Anderson's comments in the Ridiculist and the clip of Merritt Weaver. It would have been even better hearing Anderson and Isha snark about the outfits. Lena Dunham deserves to be dissed.

Thanks for the extra photos, love the first one.

aries moon said...

Fewer CNN correspondents/contributors and more diverse panelists on 360 Later would give a broader perspective on the issues. I know what John King is going to say before he says it and that's not good--I want to hear a bigger variety of ideas and thoughts--not just your typical CNN reporter/pundit take that we already see on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Looks like AC is interested in getting as many speaking engagements in, while his name is still a household name, rather than improving his shows.
He's spending more time speaking and less time sourcing and preparing, and it shows.

Anonymous said...

According to TVN, on Monday AC360 got an 86 in his demo.
Obviously he's doing as poorly as the rest of his network, although Anderfans will say it his CNN that is bringing him down.
No, it is some plain bad career choices that HE alone made, that is bringing him down.
Viewers don't know whether he's still the serious newman he started out to be, or a talker who still doesn't believe HE was canceled.