Monday, September 09, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 9/9/13

8:00 PM
* Striking Syria and is there Congressional support
* George Zimmerman's back in the news
* Diana Nyad controversy
*AC360 News & Business Bulletin: Isha Sesay

10:0 PM Premiere of AC360 Later
* Syria and Assad


This picture of the AC360 office was tweeted this afternoon:  

A random fan posted this pic on Twitter this morning:

Over the weekend The Kennedy Political Union (KPU) announced that Anderson Cooper is American University’s 2013 Wonk of the Year.
The Wonk of the Year award will be presented on Saturday, October 19th at 8:15 pm in Bender Arena during American University’s annual All-American Weekend. The award recognizes a well-known individual who is smart, passionate, focused, engaged, and who uses their knowledge and influence to create meaningful change in the world.

Also on AC's speaking schedule this Fall:
University of Kentucky on September 30
University of Texas at Arlington on November 11

This weekend we posted a letter to our readers about some changes we are making in the way we blog AC360 and also AC360 Later.  In the letter we complained among other things about the lack of imagination of AC360's bookers.  Looks like we struck a nerve or else it was a huge coincidence that a 360 staffer praised AC360's bookers first thing this morning. 

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Anonymous said...

This woman was obviously drinking the Kool Aid or something like it.
Congratulating the Bookers on 360?
Has she looked at the ratings?
Has anyone?

aries moon said...

The genius bookers of 360 owe Christianne Amanpour, Charlie Rose and Andrew Sullivan a big apology for having the audacity to think Crystal Wright deserved to be seated on the panel with them. Not only did she lack intelligence, she was also obnoxious and rude--she demanded to be heard but couldn't put together a coherent argument when given the opportunity. If 360 Later wants to be taken seriously, they need to have worthier guests. It was an insult to elevate Wright to the same level as Amanpour and the other guests and cringe-worthy to witness Christianne being forced to debate Wright. Perhaps Wright is only there for the entertainment value of seeing Christianne and Andrew looking as though they could both reach across the table and slap her. There was an overwhelmingly negative reaction to Wright's appearance on Twitter but I'm sure that won't stop 360 Later from booking her again.

Anderson didn't do a very good job of controlling the panel, he's got to be more forceful so that they aren't all talking or yelling over each other. Sometimes the solution is as simple as bringing in genuinely serious, thoughtful guests and not just bomb throwers.

Jaanza said...

I couldn't pay close attention to the first half of 8 PM 360 (partly in the kitchen cooking a late supper). But I was pleased to see the Syria panel in the first segment appeared more even keeled than some we've seen recently. On the panel was John King, Ari Fleischer, David Gergen and Charles Blow. In the second segment the panel discussing military intelligence was Townssend, Doran and Dickey.

Purely on the basis of those two panels, the bookers are doing a little better, perhaps up to the level of "okay" instead of "dismal".

The timing of the tweet complimenting the 360 bookers is indeed suspect. Although I can't complain about the panels on 360 today, we'll have to see how things go. It would still be awesome if Anderson could talk to a White House official or a Senator not named McCain.

I didn't much care for the segment on Zimmerman but nearly every other news outlet (including Hayes) reported on his recent run-in with the police.

The segment on Diana Nyad was alright but I wish 360 would take a good look at NYC's mayoral race which has many interesting candidates.

360 Later - DH wanted to watch something else at 10 PM but Aries Moon's review here doesn't surprise me. Anderson often has had difficulty with more obnoxious and loud pundits. And the larger the group, the more difficult to control. How many people were competing for talk time at the roundtable?

Syria will likely still be the big news tomorrow, making it likely 360 Later will discuss it again. If it's the same group of people, is it worth watching?

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the panel this time but I hope Andrew Sullivan has approved over last time, he was insufferable back then

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Anderson Cooper and his staff to NEVER book Crystal Wright, who is pretty much always WRONG, on 360 Later again. She is brainless and belligerant and in no way deserves to be discussing serious issues with the likes of Christianne Amanpour, Andrew Sullivan or Charlie Rose. She belongs on Fox where you can be an idiot and your audience will think you're brilliant. The rest of us cannot be fooled. Do better 360 Later or else it will be later for you.

sandyeggo said...

Last time that Crystal person was on the show I contacted the network itself and told them that every time that I saw her I would change the channel (and I have).

Pamela said...

Anderson - always the gentleman - at the risk of doubling up on earlier comments, Ms. Wright does not have the stuffing to participate on a panel with this level of expertise. An uncomfortable situation for all concerned (including your viewers).

James Massey said...

I just finished watching Monday's show on my DVR. Whoever had the idea to book Crystal Wright should have been fired immediately. Oh, and fire the person who APPROVED the booking as well.
I can't imagine that Charlie Rose, who just interviewed Asaad a couple of days prior, is now sitting at the same table as Wright. Or Amanpour who risks her life covering the Middle East. Has Wright ever traveled beyond the East Coast? If I'm not mistaken, Wright's only claim to fame is a blog and the uncanny ability to get booked on TV to spew hyper political partisan and racial rhetoric. Come on CNN you guys have to do better research on the qualifications of your guests. I am just baffled on what the bookers of AC360 understood Wright's qualification in foreign political affairs to be? Wright's verbal flailings indicated that she was clearly over her head.