Thursday, September 05, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 09/05/2013

ABC NEWS, U.S. PREPARING FOR LARGER AIR ATTACK IN SYRIA:  Anderson Cooper and Chris Lawrence reporting
Follow up panel of:  Fran Townsend, Christopher Dickey, Nick Paton Walsh and Spider Marks (phone)
Anderson Cooper interviews Sen. John McCain about negative feed-back he's receiving at town halls

OUTRAGE OVER MONTANA RAPE CASE:  Anderson Cooper and Kyung Lah
Anderson Cooper interviews Auliea Hanlon, victim's mother

ACCIDENT OR MURDER?:  Report by Victor Blackwell and follow up with Anderson Cooper (Victor's report included his interview with Kendrick Johnson's parents.)


Anderson Cooper's interview with Sgt. Edwin Caba (and his dog Cadence) ~

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

Anderson posted the following photo to his Instagram account ~

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Anonymous said...

I know there are more important stories than dog rescue, but I loved this story. I just become a puddle when Anderson does any type of story with dogs or with animals, in general, so I was super happy to see this story. Rock on, AC!
- J

Jaanza said...

At first I thought Anderson was doing pretty well with the first panel. He asked some good questions and even panelists like Townsend made some good points For example, Townsend wondering about the one-week timetable for Syria and what if it turns out to be longterm (although I wonder where that kind of thinking was prior to Afghanistan and Iraq.) And I liked Dickey bringing up the refugee situation.

Then I got a bit pissed off when Anderson spent only 10 seconds on President Obama at the G20 Conference before interviewing McCain. So I checked out Hayes who was (Holy Toledo) interviewing Secretary of State John Kerry. Hayes could get an in-person interview with the Secretary of State but not Anderson! Anderson has twice the ratings of Hayes. He could have got that interview if he had tried... but that's a mighty big "if".

However, I did see the clip of the townhall people blasting McCain to his face for the pro-war attitude. Unbelievably, McCain told Anderson that public opinion "is turning around some" and Anderson didn't question him about it.

Anderson did ask about the rebel group executing Syrian soldiers and let McCain blather on, unchallenged, about it being bad but the rebels had a lot of "frustration". Almost like he was excusing the rebels behavior. And Anderson let it slide by without question.

On the plus side, I did like Anderson's interview with Auliea Hanlon. While Anderson did seem uncomfortable with Hanlon and some of her answers, I liked her candor and straightforwardness.

The segment with the soldier-adoped Afghanistan puppies report and interview was gosh darn cute. Sgt. Caba and Cadence are both adorable.

There will definitely be more Syrian segments in the future. I'm still hoping Anderson will push back on stupid comments and get someone from the Obama administration on the show. If Hayes can do it, he can do it.

aries moon said...

What I'm wondering is if AC and his producers/bookers even WANT SOS Kerry or anyone from the Obama Administration on to give their perspective on Syria. Would it really be more difficult for them to arrange that than it is for Chris Hayes? If it was arranged, how much time would they be given, would they be on alone like McCain or would a conservative be brought in for "balance"? Would AC push back harder on them than he does with more conservative and anti-Obama guests? This would be all interesting to find out but AC360 doesn't seem to make any attempts to book anyone from the Obama Administration or anyone who doesn't believe POTUS is totally wrong on this issue and everything else. I don't get what they're doing but it does appear as if they don't want the Administration's side of the story presented on the show.