Thursday, September 12, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 09/12/2013

8:00PM AC360:
* NJ Boardwalk fire
*Colorado floods
*Syria's chemical weapons
*Newlywed murder investigation
*Synthetic drugs flooding market
*360 Bulletin - Isha Sesay

10:00PM AC360 Later:
*NJ Boardwalk fire update
*Russia's anti-gay laws
In the final minutes quick topic discussion on -
*George Zimmerman's latest domestic dispute
*America's budget crisis, impending govt shut down, outdated infrastructure

Panelists around table:  Charles Blow, Christiane Amanpour, Andrew Sullivan, Charles Dickey


Anderson posted the following photo to his Instagram page and tweeted about it ~  Polaroid of 17 year old me and my mom the day I left high school early to travel across Sub-Saharan Africa. 1985

Anderson tweeted the following earlier today ~

If you'd like to listen, please click on the following link.  Wyatt Cooper on Families: A Memoir and a Celebration

Anderson also posted the following photo to his Instagram page ~ Ran into @BravoAndy last night at @AtlasSocialClub

And this photo was on Atlas Social Club's Instagram page ~

Whoopi mentioned being at the same club on The View today, though she didn't mention Anderson ~

You may ask why Anderson was at Atlas Social Club; his partner Ben (in the above photo) is one of the four owners of the club.  If you wish to read more about it or see more photos from last night's opening, you may click on the following links:
Only in NYC: How Four Old Friends Opened a Gay Bar
Atlas Social Club Instagram page
And from AP Images - 49 results for 'Private Gathering to Celebrate the Atlas Social Club'

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Thursday was not one of Andeson's better shows. One way I judge 360 is how often I switch to Hayes; sometimes it's only during 360 commercials and sometimes it's far more often.

The disaster news in the first segment - fire on the New Jersey boardwalk, floods in Colorado - were pretty good but two things irked me. One was the fire reporter responding to Anderson with many "yeah"s, very teenage-toned "yeah"s. I didn't catch her name but would love to let her know that "yes" sounds way more professional. The other was reporter Rebecca (?) who, right after a video bit showing a guy almost swept away by the floodwaters, the camera pulled back to reveal she was standing in swift-moving floodwater. Sort of Ironic but mostly just stupid.

While Anderson may have had a good segment on the Syria chemical weapons plan and Russian participation (with Jim Sciutto, David Gergen and David Kay), Hayes was more interesting. Clips of Sen. Ted Cruz praising Jesse Helms, historical run-down of how racist and despicable Helms was and then former RNC chairman Michael Steele trying to explain it all away.

During the commercial break before Kyung Lah's report of the newlywed murderer, Anderson did NOT review the facts of the story. In the Q & A with Lah, he asked some dumb questions. For example, he mentioned the dead husband's friends speaking badly about the bride and asked 'how do they know she pushed her husband off the cliff?' and Lah explained 'well, she said she did'. Also, Anderson said of the bride '...but she's pleading not guilty.' and Lah had to point out 'No, she's presumed not guilty'.

I didn't watch Drew Griffin's danger of synthetic drugs report. I watched Hayes' monologue on how awesome is Pope Francis and that's good for the world. I'd love it if Anderson did something similar about any topic on his mind...and the Ridiculist doesn't count.

Thanks, ATA, for the photo of 17-year-old Anderson before his sojourn to Africa; gutsy thing to do.

aries moon said...

Anderson may be the host of 360 Later, but Christianne Amanpour seems to be the one controlling the panel--at one point AC was trying to bring in someone else to comment and Christianne said firmly, "NO, I'm going to finish" and AC had to back off! Another fine broadcast--Later is such a smart show, even when they're all talking over each other. It sounded like they might be I liked the segment where the panel talks about the underreported stories that interested them (it's more interesting in this format than it is on 360). Charles Dickey's chosen topic of infrastructure is a story 360 could've been doing instead of some of the other pointless reports they've done. I could've done without that Reuel Marc whoever guy from The Weekly Standard--it sounded like AC wanted him back on but he was just an Obama-basher (AC's favorite kind of guest!). Looking forward to next week's 360Later, 360, not so much.

Thanks for all the pics and links.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Anderson with his Bravo friend, Andy Cohen.
Have to say that Anderson may well be just a little bit jealous of him right about now.
Andy is having the time of his life, career wise. He's the brains behind the tremendous housewives franchise, and just this week, Bethany Frankel, who also has had tremendous success, money wise, thanked Cohen. She said wihout him, none of her own success would ever have taken place.
For those who don't know about Frankel, she sold "Skinny drinks" for approximately $100 million big ones, and every housewife, including the Gorgas from NJ, wants to do what Frankel did. (Her drinks are even avertised on Bravo!) She now has her own talkfest and NO housewife, including Ne Ne, is wealthier.
But I digress, Anderson is stuck in a rut. His talkfest was cancelled and he's stuck with being "the news anchor."
It could be worse, but something tells me, he'd rather have more options.