Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 9/10/13

8:00 PM
*Predicting the content of the upcoming POTUS address

10:00 PM
*Discussion of the POTUS address
Panelists Fareed Zakaria, Andrew Sullivan, Christiane Amanpour, David Kay and Anne-Marie Slaughter

Blogger's comment: I thought the panel was much more balanced tonight but my Republican friends say it was very Left leaning. We AC fans are a hard bunch to please.


@tatartalks tweeted that Anderson is working on a new 60 Minutes piece with Malcolm Gladwell, an English-Canadian journalist, bestselling author, and speaker. Gladwell has been a staff writer for The New Yorker since 1996.

 Last night's pre show Spreecast with Jack Grey, Christiane Amanpour and Cooper:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 was an improvement over many of the shows of the past year but I still checked out MSNBC occasionally. Maddow was anchoring their pre-speech special but Hayes was one of the panel members (along with Sharpton and Schultz; Matthews and O'Donnell also made appearances).

I came into the show late but the first guy Anderson talked to, military expert David Kay, sounded like a 'just the facts' kind of guy. There was nothing memorable about the first panel of Townsend and Doran or the one in the second panel of Acosta and Bash.

However, it's notable Anderson talked to Democratic Senator Bob Casey (PA). Just yesterday I hoped for non-McCain politicians on 360 and am stunned it happened.

The third segment had a third panel: Borger, Gergen, John King and Jake Tapper. When Borger stated Americans believed Obama "hasn't thought this through" I couldn't help thinking of Dubya before going to Afghanistan and Iraq. There was overall dissing of Obama over the removal of Syrian chemical weapons plan but no one offered a better plan in it's place. Tapper pointed out the legacy of Dubya and how it's a "murky and complicated" situation. Borger really seemed to want a military strike instead of diplomacy.

Then a commercial break started and I checked out MSNBC. Maddow was reading a quote from Sen. Manchin (WV). It was a perfect response to everything Borger was saying so I looked it up later. Manchin said, "Being a super power mean more than just military might. It means super diplomacy, it means super humanitarian aid and super restraint."

Back at 360 Anderson threw it over to Blitzer and his panel of DONNA BRAZILE (WHAHOO!!! Long TIME No SEE!!! Great To Have You Back!!!), Kevin Madden, Jon Favreau and Ross Douthat. Blitzer's panel should have had more time.

Then Anderson had a talk with Jim Sciutto on the realism of getting Syria to give up its chemical weapons. Anderson was very dismissive of the plan, how it would take a lot of time and people. It made me wonder if Anderson wanted the missile strike; it's more dramatic and exciting and would probably bring in better ratings for CNN. But that doesn't make it the better plan.

Best panel of the night (just ahead of Blitzer's) was the last one with Amanpour and Zakaria. Loved it when Zakaria said "Give diplomacy a chance" and making an eloquent argument for going this route. He also pointed out how much McCain wouldn't like the U.S. working with Assad on this.

ATA, interesting how you saw the panels as more balanced and your Republican pals thought they were too left-leaning. Do they watch 360 regularly or watch FOX? I thought Wednesday's show moved closer to center but not really in the left territory.

I was not able to watch the 10 PM post-speech show but am glad to see Zakaria was there and Crystal Wright wasn't.

aries moon said...

How refreshing it is to watch a group of smart people have a serious discussion on Syria minus sensationalism--360 Later on Tuesday was a big improvement over the first night. Christianne and Fareed got a little heated at times and Zaidoun's appearance revved things up further--it was interesting to watch Sullivan and Slaughter push back on some of Zaidoun's points. AC seemed a little miffed that Sullivan wasn't as down on President Obama as HE usually is but Sullivan seems to understand and appreciate President Obama's leadership style and thoughtful, cautious tone. I hope they continue in this direction because this could be one of CNN's better shows if they work at it.

Over on 360 Earlier, I was surprised to see Anderson interview an actual Democratic politician--such an extremely rare occurence on the show, but as AC said, it's always good to be fair--I skipped the panel discussion with Tapper/Gergen/King/Borger because I knew it probably wouldn't be fair at all.

Thanks for posting the spreecast--I missed it. And thanks for posting all of the AC "extras" here--ATA is great at finding AC-related info that I often miss entirely.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 9/10/11"

In reporting dates, accuracy counts more than symmetry.

The ATA Team said...

Thanks to the 2 anons who caught my error in the title date (since corrected to not confuse others). In my defense I had 9/11 on the brain, but then who doesn't this time of year?