Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 9/3/13

8:00 PM:

MAKING THE CASE TO CONGRESS: Anderson Cooper reporting
Follow up discussion with Dana Bash, Fran Townsend, John King and Ryan Crocker,

SYRIAN ACTIVIST SPEAKS OUT: Anderson interviews Zaidoun Alzoabi

MAKING THE CASE FOR STRIKING SYRIA: Anderson speaks with Michael Doran, CMDR. Kirk Lippold and Fouad Ajami

Follow up with Ajami


10:00 PM:

Roundtable with Charles Blow, John King, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dexter Filkins, Christopher Dickey and Fouad Ajami and remotes with Dana Bash and Kirk Lippold

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Jaanza said...

In the first segment, it was a pretty good panel with King, Townsend and Crocker but it also felt like Anderson had a list of questions to ask and would not deviate from that list to delve further into any response from the panel. For example, when discussing "boots on the ground" King said it may be necessary "to keep chemical weapons from the bad guys". Which bad guys? Assad's government? The Syrian Army? Rebels with ties to Al Queda? Religious fanatical rebels? Run of the mill wild-eyed pistol-wavers who don't know what they're doing? Not only who are the bad guys but who gets to decide who the bad guys are. Anderson didn't ask that. However I appreciated Crocker giving some history on Assad's father.

It's great to see Zaidoun Alzoabi on screen and able to talk freely. Anderson's interview was okay but I checked out Hayes a little bit. Thinking of it now I'm hoping Anderson said something like "Many Americans don't want to get involved in Syria's civil war. Zaidoun, what can you say to them to make them change their minds?" and "What do you think the consequences will be of U.S. missile strikes?" Later Lippold brought up possible consequences but not enough people are looking at what might happen, how it could all go terribly wrong and then what to do.

Yes, chemical weapons are bad but the whole situation is so complicated and could so easily go haywire.

The report on the Georgia athlete seemed out of place. I watched Hayes instead.

"360 Later" has started? I'm blaming Hayes for me missing that announcement.

Anonymous said...

I'm so over Ajami being given a platform to spout his anti-POTUS war mongering on AC360 that when he showed up on the panel for the second live hour I wanted to scream. The other guests had a pretty interesting discussion, but it they want the panel to work they need different guests/pundits, etc. than they just showed on the 8PM hour.

I don't know who the bookers are on AC360, but they need to be fired or have their speed dials erased so they are forced to do some research and find new guests/pundits. Jon Stewart openly mocked Bill Kristol on The Daily Show tonight and he was one of AC360's panelists last night. No wonder ratings are down from a few years ago when guests had credibility, panels were fair and balanced and Anderson actually did quality reporting and work in the field.

I thought Anne-Marie Slaughter was a good guest with a lot of credibility and Charles Blow and Christopher Dickey made good points. I guess one staff member knows how to book guests?

It looks to me like Anderson's lost his "bliss" at CNN and it's time he moved on, maybe to 60 Minutes?

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

Couldn't agree more with Jenn about Ajami. His never-ending Obama bashing is neither enlightening or interesting, but it is highly predictable and boring. I do think his constant presence on 360 has to do with Anderson being a fan--I remember a few years ago AC praising him while they were in the Middle East and AC said something about how he could listen to Ajami for hours. I also recall AC appearing with him at some university event--I think they may have some sort of friendship going. Whatever the story, I've begun reaching for the mute button whenever he speaks.

I don't always agree with Charles Dickey, but he sure knows how to get a lively debate going. Who needs Ajami when you have him?

John King couldn't seem to stop bringing the discussion back around to the consequences of President Obama losing this Syria battle with Congress--he brought it up so much it began to look like he was HOPING the President would lose the fight. I guess the Beltway media are licking their chops for that (Anderson too, I'm sorry to say).

Anonymous said...

@aries moon If Anderson is responsible for Ajami on the program all the time, that makes me sad and disappointed. If he wants to listen to the man for hours, maybe he should have him to his house instead of subjecting his viewers to Ajami's Obama bashing night after night. If Ajami truly had something new to bring to the discussion it would be one thing, but I remember him on the program bashing Obama for not taking action in Libya and I think Eqypt. The man isn't offering scholarly insight, he's war mongering and bashing POTUS. But then again Ajami is the man who thought and still thinks the W's Iraq War was a good thing. I say it makes me sad because I would like to think that Anderson was more intelligent than to be sucked into Ajami's narrative.

The Anderson Cooper that appeared on David Letterman talking Syria was certainly a different Anderson Cooper than the one anchoring AC360's coverage of Syria. That's what made me wonder if it was the staff/CNN, but maybe he just had a few moments of clarity on Letterman and now he's drinking the Ajami kool-aid again.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

@Jenn, I also hoped Anderson would be wise enough to reject the war hawks agenda after having learned the mistakes that were made with Iraq, but I have always felt that Anderson was somewhat conservative.