Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 09/18/2013

8:00PM  AC360:
*Navy Yard shooting
*Abducted teen found alive
*Colorado flooding
*Possible government shutdown/Republican obstructionism
*Man seeking help after car crash, shot and killed by police (man was unarmed)
*360 News & Business Bulletin - Isha Sesay
*The RidicuList:  Trucker Hamster:

10:00PM  AC360 LATER:
Topics:  Navy Yard shootings, mental health, gun control, President Obama and Iran, government shutdown
Panel:  Cornell Belcher, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Andrew Sullivan, Dr. Drew, Bill Kristol (neoconservative political analyst)


Anderson with a fan in DC Tuesday ~

Anderson interviewing the husband and daughter of victim Kathy Gaarde Tuesday ~

Jon Stewart had a little something to say about CNN's coverage of the Navy Yard Shooting and after one of Wolf's off the wall comments, referenced Anderson ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

If anyone was interested in an eyewitness account of the DC Navy Yard shooting, Anderson had John Weaver on 360. Instead I watched Hayes cover the GOP fracas over defunding Obamacare and his interviews with two Democratic politicians and one Republican politician. Later I did see Anderson talk to Jim Sciotto about shooter Alexis' background and his mom's statement.

I'm glad the 14-year-old Georgia girl is safe and back home after the abduction but would have put this news later. Kyung Lah's report on the Colorado flooding was alright but still no maps.

The report on the GOP threatening to shut down the government if they can't defund Obamacare should have been the second story. Dana Bash filled in the details but there was no panel discussion.

However there was a panel discussion - Mark Geragos, Sunny Hostin, Kevin Flanagan - to talk about the NC man shot by police after a car accident. I liked many of the comments but kept wondering why the news of the GOP temper tantrum didn't get a panel.

I can't help giggling when Anderson giggles, as he did near the end of the Ridiculist. He found the topic and videos more amusing than I did.

Thanks for posting Jon Stewart's rant about CNN's Monday coverage of the Navy Yard shooting. Stewart made some good points but at the time there was a lot of rumors, guesses and misinformation floating around. CNN did the best they could.

aries moon said...

Glad to see AC360 Later back in its regular format, but they could've done without Bill Kristol - where besides Fox News does this guy have any credibility? How is it that Anderson and his staff aren't aware of how poorly Kristol is regarded - do they not care about the quality of guests they are allowing on the show? It makes them look clueless and out of touch to bring in someone whose reputation is as bad as Kristol. Once again, the bookers need to step up their game and find better conservative reps - but if it's AC who wants those types on the show, not much can be done about it, but he should think about HIS and his new program's reputation that's being damaged too by the likes of Kristol.

Andrew Sullivan has made some questionable statements about race in the past and I strongly disagree with him on that subject but he does call out the Republicans in a way that you don't see much of on CNN (he was right about their ridiculous government shutdown stance). One thing I like about the show is that the panelists for the most part are allowed to fully state their cases without Anderson cutting them off or interrupting. It might help the program to go outside the CNN family for panelists--they shouldn't just switch around the same old pundits we've seen and heard from a million times. Find new voices.