Monday, September 30, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 9/30/13

Wolf Blitzer was back in the 360 anchor chair this evening as Anderson gave a speech at the University of Kentucky.  While we've enjoyed our Fall adventure it will be nice to have AC back at the helm Tuesday night.  Until then......

EXTRAS: Tonight at the U of K

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I wonder how Anderson feels about missing 360 tonight. I don't know if he likes covering only politics for an hour or would he appreciate that there could have been more viewers tuned in due to the upcoming shutdown. Hope he had a good time in Kentucky and thanks for the photos (even though Anderson looks like he's on drugs in the first one).

Wolf Blitzer did a good job pushing back on Republicans but I can';t remember now if it was on 360 or his own Situation Room. I was glad to see Rich Galen and Cornell Belcher on the show; wasn't so glad to see a former Michelle Bachmann staffer also on the panel. Lots of switching back and forth not only between Wolf and Hayes but also with Monday Night Football. Since Katrina, I've had a soft spot for the Saints.

Looking forward to seeing Anderson back at work tomorrow and, whatever the government situation is at that time, hopefully not too many hot-air pundits.

Looks like the ATA Ladies had a great trip in New England. Northern Minnesota is also beautiful this time of year but unfortunately we don't have any lobster.

aries moon said...

Lots of positive feedback on Twitter/Tumblr about Anderson's speech in Kentucky--he's honed his speeches over the years so that there's a good balance of serious moments, good advice and off the cuff humor that his audiences really seem to enjoy.

I figured 360 would just be the usual suspects blaming Obama and ignoring the mess the GOP caused so I skipped it and watched Hayes instead.

LOL @ Jaanza's comment about the pic of AC.

Anonymous said...

I think AC's colleagues, Wolf Blitzer etc etc...did a great job reporting yesterday.

I was glued to the TV.