Sunday, September 08, 2013

Some Changes Coming to ATA

Dear ATA Regulars, 

We’ve become more and more disillusioned with the content of AC360 over the last year and after a long discussion among The ATA Team we feel we must make some changes to our coverage of the program, if for nothing else but our sanity.  From this point on we will be posting a quick rundown of the topics of the program and a picture of that night’s anchor.  If you are interested in the program’s guests or content you can follow the link to the AC360 transcripts at the bottom of each post.  If the blogger finds an interview or segment of that evening’s broadcast worthy of sharing they will clip and post it.  We will continue to post ‘extras’ such as special appearances, sightings and the like.  Also if a reader has a request for a clip of a particular segment we will add it when possible, but requests must be submitted in a timely fashion (within a day or two of airing).  We’ll continue to post The RidicuList for the time being but if the writing continues to be as mediocre as it has been of late we may revisit this decision. 
We don’t understand the direction of CNN or of AC360 in recent months.  They are to be commended for their coverage of authentic breaking news but  nights when big stories aren’t breaking we get one sided panels,  indignant jabs at people who decline interview requests and human interest reports that aren’t all that interesting.   Hard news seems to have taken a back seat to tabloid reporting, pundits and lazy bookers.  This is not the AC360 or the Anderson Cooper that inspired the creation of this blog almost 8 years ago.   We’re not sure what the future holds but we’re going to try and hang on for a while longer and we hope you continue to check in with your opinions as often as possible.  

The ATA Team

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I commend the ATA team for hanging on as long as they have. I have been watching 360 since it was red 360 and have been commenting on here since late 2006. I haven't watched 360 regularly in months. Its just too bad. The show has had its ups and downs over the years, but this is really bad. The excessive coverage of Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson come to mind as downs. The show has become, stale and boring. I don't know why they think panels are the way to go. And I am so over Drew Griffin and his charity scam reports. To me those appear to be filler. The show does not seem to be cohesive anymore. Its disappointing as I once used to be a loyal viewer.

Anonymous said...

Count me as another who doesn't watch 360 often anymore. It used to be we would get a semi fair representation of both sides of a political story but those days are long gone. The other night the panel of Gergen, Fleisher and Ajami was a joke. What happened to Brazille, Begala and Carville or anyone who could balance the bashing of our President? CNN you will never be Fox or have its ratings and it's almost amusing to watch you try to appeal to the Right.

360 seems to rely heavily on inexperienced staffers who clearly don't think outside the box for story pitches or guest bookings. I honestly think that planning meetings go something like this:
1. Pitch a story
2. Look for old footage on the subject to kill time
3. Interview the reporter who did the old footage and ask him to update the story
4. Have a panel to discuss the story and speed dial appropriate panelists i.e. Ajami, Townsend, Geragos, Toobin (one of the few palatable participants), Borger, etc.

Success is measured by how much time the story kills and how little it costs to produce. And they get bonus points if they bash the Democrats or can incorporate old AC interviews on the subject where he gets enrage, verklempt or giggly.

It is just sad how low CNN, AC360 and Anderson have sunk. Let’s hope he moves on when his contract expires at the end of this year.

aries moon said...

The changes at ATA are appropriate and inevitable given the downgrade in quality of AC360 over the past few years. All you need to do to see how far the show has fallen become is to read ATA's weekend posts that features some of AC360's and AC's best moments--all of those great elements have been MIA from the show for years--there have been a few bright spots here and there as ATA says on big breaking news where AC and the show can still be impressive, but that doesn't happen often and most of the time the shows story selection and bookings just seem lazy and worse, biased. Anon 1:02 pretty much says it all regarding the problems I've had with 360--the anti-Obama stance--criticism of the President is one thing, but shouldn't that criticism be balanced by others who believe differently than right leaning pundits/reporters? That's what we get with 360--too much one-sided reporting from questionable people who should never be allowed to show their faces on any credible news program. I'm over seeing 360 bring in their reporters like Bash, King, Borger and pundits like Gergen, Ajami, Crystal Wright (GOPBlackChick) or guests like Greenwald and Snowden's father whose sole purpose appears to be to denigrate everything President Obama does without allowing a counter view--this is bad reporting and since they've made little effort to change that, it seems to be the message the show wants to send to viewers. I also agree with ACAnderFan about Drew Griffin, he may be doing a good thing exposing these bad charities, but I find him difficult to watch and the reporting uninteresting and predictable--maybe if they put the kind of effort into some political investigative journalism that has real impact on millions of people, I'd be interested, but the charity scams don't do it for me.

Thank you ATA for all of your efforts over the years to bring us highlights and analysis of the show, it's been very much appreciated considering how frustrating and disappointing the show can be.

Anonymous said...

I read this site every night. I hope you keep it up. Anderson Cooper seems to be a caring person, and I'm not sure how many people like him are still around.

Anonymous said...

I too am no longer watching 360.
Everyone here is kind by saying the
show has become "stale and boring."
I certainly am in agreement with that but what stands out the most is the fact that the anchor himself, has become stale and boring.
Perhaps over time, this naturally occurs. But I remember an Anderson Cooper who was more energetic and really anxious to do the most and best field work he possibly could.
Now he has become, for me at least, just another anchor, doing his job.
There are so many other ways to get the news today. Why waste time watching someone who really doesn't care who the pundits are or what the content of the story is, just so long as it fills the hour.
ATA: You have made the right decision and as far as the Ridiculous List goes....well it is ridiculous and clueless at least 90% of the time that I even watch a clip.
Thank you for your hard work and please keep the CNN blog. Love to comment and read the comments from others. Intelligent conversation enlightens us all, most of the time.

Jaanza said...

12 ariyTEATA,
Totally understandable. I watch 360 most days of the week, however, some of that time I'm over at MSNBC watching Hayes. Hayes does not have the "chops" or the stature that Anderson has but all too often in the last year or so, Hayes has put on a better news show.

I would very much appreciate a daily post on 360 if for nothing else than a place to comment on how good it is or where there are problems. Also, there was some evidence a few years back that a 360 staffer checked in and read comments. Don't know if that still happens but I still like a place to review 360 that doesn't have to be boiled down to a tweet.

360's right-wing slant is annoying and some of the usual pundits are simply unwatchable. Whatever happened to Paul Begala?

I haven't completely given up on Anderson. But Hayes is only a click away.

Anonymous said...

I too read the blog every day and have so for many years. You have done a great job. Thank you. I still like Anderson and still enjoy his show. Everyone's show is boring at times. I am a big Rachel Maddow fan and yet I can never make it through a full show. AC360 is still my favorite news show. There seems to be some very bitter people on this blog. If you don't like him go elsewhere.

The ATA Team said...

@anon 9:31 Thanks for reading every day and please understand that there are true haters out there (whose comments we don't post) and those with opinions and constructive criticism (whose comments we do post).

@everyone, Thanks for the thoughtful comments and know for the time being we will soldier on.

Anonymous said...

One of the AC360 producers sent out a tweet naming and praising their bookers and I had to laugh because I'm sure some of us would agree that they deserve more condemnation than praise these days. Once again, they're ignoring complaints and concerns about the credibility of their guests. GOPBlackChick is scheduled to be on 360 Later. They really don't care who they have on. She was REJECTED by Republicans and they have said they don't consider her a spokesperson, there is an article by a conservative representative stating this, but here is AC360 going right ahead and having her on regardless of her reputation. All she does is throw out bombs and hateful nonsense about black people and this is what's supposed to pass for intelligent commentary on 360. They don't care about what they're putting out there so why should the audience even trust them?

Anonymous said...

"Across the country and around the world, this is Anderson Cooper 360º. Reporting tonight from Beirut, here's Anderson Cooper."

The LIVE bug with Beirut written under it with an animated spinning globe behind it.

The dramatic music.

A more enthusiastic Anderson Cooper.

These were the small things I loved with the old 360º and I much preferred the 10:00PM to Midnight two hour slot. Why isn't Anderson Cooper in Syria right now? Wish he would do more field reporting like before. I still tune into 360º because even though it may have become dull, it still has very interesting content. I think many feel the same way. It's just become a bit repetitive lately. I'm sure this is what the ATA team feels.

Anonymous said...

The date of this post happens to be 360's 10 year anniversary. Too bad there isn't much to celebrate.

Joyce said...

i'm a relatively new AC fan from his 60 minutes work (and shockingly a handful of his more fun moments in the daytime show. I so appreciate this blog because i'm experiencing for the first time those moments that made Anderson so beloved. It's a little bittersweet because I would have loved to have been a fan in the height of it all, but hey, archives are great too. Thanks ladies for this wonderful collection. I've definitely spent my fair share of time watching old footage!

Anonymous said...

"there are some very bitter people on this blog."
Actually no one is bitter on this blog.
Just because we have opposing views
on some issues does not make us bitter.
Nor does constructive criticism, when it is deserved of the anchor, make us "haters."
Most of us are used to intelligent conversation and the word "hate" has never crossed anyone's mind and should be deleted from everyone's vocabulary because it stands for "nothing," except intolerance.