Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 & 360 Later, Wednesday 10/9/13

8:00 PM: AC360
* Government shutdown and its victims
* Motorcycle update
* Kendrick Johnson death details
* Exclusive interview with Elaine Dang, Kenya Mall survivor
* Orlando Roller Coaster incident


10:00 PM: AC360 LATER:
* Government shutdown
* Debt Ceiling
* U.S. Adults test low in academic skills compared to those in other countries
* Undercover officer involvement in motorcycle incident

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aries moon said...

It's hard to know if AC360/AC360 Later bookers just don't bother to ask Democrats on the show or whether Democrats refuse to come on the two programs. It was good to at least see Elijah Cummings on the other day and there were one or two Democratic politicians on recently, but for the past two days they have only had Republicans on talking about the debt ceiling/shutdown. If you're going to have a balanced program, shouldn't they have a Democratic politician on every night like they do with conservatives? Having King/Borger/Gergen analyze the situation isn't the same as hearing from an actual Democrat after we've heard from the Republican rep. I don't know why they keep doing this on 360. Anderson just allowed Steve King to go on a rant and AC didn't even challenge him and barely questioned him at all--did the CNN higher ups not appreciate the praise and attention he got for grilling GOP rep Labrador the other night and told him to tone it down and go easy on the conservative guests or something? Anyhow, it was frustrating to watch. AC360 Later wasn't much better--too much Ana Navarro blabbering (she never shuts up) and more Republicans lambasting President Obama--that David Warner/Warren or whatever was yelling about how president Obama has "failed to lead" and there was no one on the panel who offered a different opinion. The ONLY worthwhile moment was when Jeff Toobin finally laid it all out and said that the whole shutdown/debt ceiling/hostage-taking mess is unprecedented and could end if Boehner wasn't preventing it. He was the only person who made any sense and knew exactly what was going on. And how long are they going to talk about the motorcycle/SUV incident? Time to move on for heaven sakes.

Jaanza said...

Of course the big lead story for everyone is the government shutdown and the upcoming debt ceiling deadline. Anderson had a good overview of the topic, centering on the news that families of U.S. soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan won't be getting the 'death payment' because of the shutdown. Dana Bash provided more information about what was going on or not going on in Congress. Anderson had an okay, but not fire-breathiing, interview with Rep. Steve King (R-IA). I didn't like King quoting Thomas Jefferson as though Jefferson would be on the Repub/Tea Party side in this tussle.

Then there was a panel with John King, Gloria Borger and David Gergen. Begala's absence pissed me off so I checked out Hayes.

Back at 360 Susan Candiotti reported on the latest in the motorcycle gang vs SUV driver story. There was "Breaking News" about people stuck on a broken roller coaster in Orlando FL. Another report on the investigation into the death of Kendrick Johnson.

One way I measure how good 360 is, is by the amount of time I'm watching Hayes or something else. In the last week and a half there have been a handful of good shows in which I never wandered over to MSNBC. However, yesterday and especially today there was quite a lot. Chunks of minutes since 360's political panel and then, instead of watching the Kendrick Johnson segment, I watched Hayes' profile of Rep. Kerry Bentevalio (R-MI). It was better than one of Colbert's "Better Know A District" because Hayes' segment included clips of Billy Bob Thornton in 'Bad Santa' and Sam Kinison in 'Back to School' to illustrate what Bentevalio is all about.

Same with the segment on Elaine Dang, survivior of the Nairobi mall terrorist shooting last month. I watched Hayes and his panel discuss the shutdown.

However, I did catch the Bulletin at the end but wish I didn't. Anderson and Susan Hendricks made fun of the father of the 9-year-old who sneaked onto a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas. Oh yeah, wasn't it funny how much he covered his face, ha ha. Being in the Twin Cities I've heard more about this case and it's not amusing. The boy is one heap of trouble and his pranks are not the scampish Dennis the Menace variety. The father wanted to explain what the boy is like and how difficult it is to deal with him. I guess Anderson and Susan haven't read the local commenters guessing the boy will be a serial killer in five years. And many of the comments are blaming the parents for not being parents. I understand why the father doesn't want to show his face.

Anybody know how the ratings are counted when viewers switch back and forth between two or more shows?

Anonymous said...

I just shake my head at AC360 & Later these days. The constant Republican guests with little to no Democratic guests is appalling. Nothing about fair and balanced anymore - it's pretty much Fox lite and the ratings deservedly reflect that.

I just want to throw something at my television whenever a Republican or a pundit say POTUS needs to show leadership; he needs to negotiate. I see leadership - he's standing up for what he believes and not caving to the Tea Party/Republican far right that seem to think they are running the government. Boehner is the one that isn't leading. His appearance on This Week was laughable. George rolled tape that he admitted to having reached an agreement with POTUS and then "changed his mind" - how do you negotiate with that? Boehner and the Republicans are the ones that aren't negotiating and it's pretty apparent. He won't call a vote for the Clean CR or the Debt Ceiling bill because he knows they would pass and his Tea Party faction wouldn't be happy. Boehner alone now is holding the country hostage and yes, I think that word should be used because that's what he and the Tea Party folks are doing. They don't love their country, they love themselves. The Republican Party vowed to make POTUS a one term president on his first inauguration day when that didn't happen they started acting like two year olds that throw temper tantrums.

POTUS has tried to negotiate with Boehner and the Repubs for years and they don't want to negotiate - they just want their way, so it's basically a waste of POTUS's time.

Loved that Jeff Toobin was so blunt last night. Anna Navarro is out of her league on the panel and just repeats Republican party talking points because she doesn't have an original thought.

Howard Dean's appearance on Later when he wiped the floor with the Republicans and the rest of the panel about the Affordable Care Act and Carl Bernstein's appearance, again with the straight talk/facts are obviously only welcome on rare occasions. Paul Begala would make a great panel member - and they are giving Anna Navarro repeated nights at the table, but I have yet to see a Dem get repeated nights at the table during this current crisis.

AJAmerica had a good article about the media being a big part of the current problem. They are so worried about attempting to appear to present both sides, that they aren't reporting the facts and the crazy that's causing the mess. During Anderson's recent heated debate with one Repub he talked about "journalism" - to that I reply Mr. Cooper, you need to "do" journalism every night and for your entire programs, not just one segment every few weeks. Apparently it's "news" when you do practice journalism given the coverage you received for actually stepping up instead of phoning it in.

I agree, it's time to move on from the motorcycle story and the news on Kendrick Johnson was a bulletin mention at most. At least we didn't have to listen to Mark Geragos talking over the panel. I think that man is in love with the sound of his own voice.

I did like Anderson's interview with the Kenya Mall survivor. I think it's interesting that Chrstiane Amanpour is interviewing Malala. That would have been a big get for Anderson and I'm sorry that it won't be seen on CNN domestic. She was on The Daily Show Tuesday night and is a very inspirational young woman with an interesting story to tell.


aries moon said...

Great post Jenn and of course I agree with everything you said. Thanks for mentioning that excellent AJAmerica article that really spelled out how the media is doing the public a huge disservice by clinging to the "both sides at fault" narrative and not really explaining what it means for democracy if the President allows the GOP to "win" with their hostage-taking strategy.

Anonymous said...

To All: If Anderson had any gumption he would leave CNN, especially if management told him to "tone it down" after his contentious interview with GOP rep. Labrador the other nite. After all, as Cooper said in his own words, "that is what journalism is for." When did this remarkable discovery take place?
No, it is not entirely the bookers on 360 or 360 later.
After all this time, and after all his accolades, do not tell me that Anderson Cooper can not talk back to management. I've followed this blog for many years and contributed, and the commenters here are not naive. They are just in denial about Anderson Cooper. He should be calling out every single GOP member on both his shows.
As Jon Stewart said the other nite in reference to the gov't shutdown,
"YOU did it. OWN it!"